GTA IV Preview from Insidegamer

Insidegamer is not a english speaking gaming website and even when translating the preview into english it seems to still be a little hard to read.
Below are the key points the previewer talks about and in a much easier to understand format.

- Fighting is much more extensive. There are 5 buttons at the same time that you can use.

- Using the left trigger Niko locks immediately on an opponent and if you want to switch between targets, a small tap on the left analogue is enough.

-Niko automaticly aims on the chest of your enemy but with a subtle movement of the right stick, Niko also can focus on other part of bodies.

- Niko can hold a grenade longer before you throw out, with the result of that the grenade explodes at the right time.

-Enemies are seen with a red arrow above their head.

- Enemies can vomit/throw up

-When you hit heavy objects with your car, Niko flys through out the windshield.

- Weather affects the behaviour of cars. At high speed, a Banshee (in real life a Dodge Viper), or a Croquette (Corvette), for example, it will be very hard to drive cars when it's rainy.

- Peds have many different reactions for example, when you aim at them sometimes they drop their coffee and etc.

- The heavy rains are very atmospheric

- People put up their umbrellas when it starts to rain.

- Cops wear raincaps over their hats.

- There is no army in the game. When you get 6 stars, you will still be chased by POLICE, SWAT and FBI.

- Peds can be drunk as well as Niko.

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Kneeknocker4002d ago

There is no army in the game. When you get 6 stars, you will still be chased by POLICE, SWAT and FBI.

All sounds great... im looking forward to hours of fun with this one : )

Danja4002d ago

Def agree with yah...i was having doubts about this game but really amped for this game....lets see if it can replace Vice City as my fave GTA..?

tweaker4002d ago (Edited 4002d ago )

Those are some badass features. Can't wait to drive 100+mph into a wall to throw Niko through the windshield. lol

rareairtone4002d ago

I bet if they are really scared they throw up or it's that they can cough up the blood that comes through their mouths. Pedestrians can also probably throw up.

They are wrong about how to change the person you are aiming at--its a flick of the right thumbstick. I notice that there are conflicts with the different journalists in terms of what buttons are for what actions. Many say that the cinematic camera in the car is activated by holding down B, but a german journalist said it's by using the left thumbstick button, but normally that's for the horn. I also saw someone say that you shoot with the right bumper while driving but it others say u do it by holding down the left bumper. Only one source I read says that the A button and the right bumper are for the handbrake (I don't know why there would be two buttons for this)

Zip4002d ago

That would be the last thing Niko would perform in that life lol

nah what I cant wait to do is to get damn drunk, find myself a whore ... or a old laidy, and beat the hell out of her, if I had a bad day lol.

but the ultimate must be to start a war vs. the cops and have a good old fashioned car chase

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