Hidden Gems in Gaming

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"As with our recent 'DS Choices' article, it's important to ensure our readers don't miss out on any gaming gems and that they are alerted to those titles that, as gamers, they really should own-or at the very least play. This article will serve to highlight those particular releases that brought something different to the realm of gaming and that, perhaps, didn't get the overall media hype they deserved or slipped unnoticed onto retail shelves due to other high-profile releases. If you missed them, you may well wonder why. So here are those 'hidden gems' of gaming that slid beneath the quality radar but should still be tasted belatedly rather than not at all"

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Bonsai12144005d ago

one title on that list dominates them all: ICO. i still pop it in my ps3 from time to time when i'm home to play it.
BG&E is a great game too. it sold criminally bad despite the fantastic quality of the game.

ichimaru4005d ago

that a screen from beyond good and evil?

micro_invader4005d ago

Yeah, I loved that game and I'm still waiting for the sequel :(

Ghoul4005d ago

Psychonauts and Beyond good and evil, some of the best games i have played, they are those kinda games where i really love my hobby/job. Ubisoft should have been slapped to death for not advertising them right,

hell even kane and lynch sold oder a million :(

propheta4005d ago

These lists... I mean, so many ignored games out there to play and they always stick with the same ones. Which doesn't mean these aren't titles.

Also... where did they hear a fully orchestrated soundtrack in ICO?

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