Xbox 720 and wii 2 to be here before 2011?

In a recent "wiids" podcast, the hosts mentioned an reliable source, had told them that a fix was on the way for the wii in terms of memory and graphics, and it would be on the market before 2011. Could this mean that the next generation wii is only a couple of years away? they also mentioned that the next generation Xbox would be out by this point.

This source may be reliable or it may not, but the hosts seem to trust them alot. The show may seem small and under developed, but they have had square employees on in the past and a Konami games writer.

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green4005d ago

been in this gen for over 2 years now.So buy 2010,will be ready to move on to the next gen

Anego Montoya FTMFW4005d ago

w/ ps2 still going, you can seriously say that.


@tough name

you to.

green4005d ago

so the fact that i have been playing my 360 for over 2years,and by christams 2010 i will be ready to buy a new console makes you sick.

Please how can me buying a console affect you or your health in anyway?Secondly wasnt the PS2 on sale for 5 years and some months before the PS3 was released?So that will put it in the same time frame between tne next xbox and the 360.

SO please what is your point?

toughNAME4005d ago (Edited 4005d ago )

if my computer, cell phone, iPod, digital camera (etc.) all get upgraded typically every 2-3 years...why would I want to wait 10 for a new console?

How does this make you sick?

EDIT - lol I see all you PS2 owners disagreeing with my comment below

ruibing4005d ago (Edited 4005d ago )

The whole reason I stopped gaming on my PC was because I was tired of making upgrades because of new titles. A cheap dual core is fine for every day tasks, multimedia, and software developer, so I don't see why I needed to spend money just to satisfy a new game.

You are obviously a big spender that likes having paperweights around the house whenever a new product cycle occurs.

green4005d ago (Edited 4005d ago )

so how is your point affecting my next gen purchasing decision?

And for your comment to Toughname.I have read alot of posts by members here who claim to own all next gen consoles,60inches plasma sets,the best 7.1 surround sound systems and 2000dollar crisis capable pc rigs.

So now me with my 32inches hdtv and one console that i dont mind upgrading once in 5 years is all of a sudden an extravegance.

Anego Montoya FTMFW4005d ago

these systems(ps3 for sure) hasn`t been tapped.

why should you move om.

HONESTLY, to me it sounds like 360 supporters are admitting that it`s OVER.

by saying stuff like that.

or ALOT are all of a sudden claiming, NEUTRAL (which isn`t a problem w/ me) It`s FUNNY.

ALAN WAKE hasn`t even been released YET, and you think you should move on.

and MSFT is gonna move on that FAST, they HAVE to make SURE the next one WORKS FOR SURE, if they even want to try again.

and that takes time.

toughNAME4005d ago

I'm a 360 owner. I've never said I'm a 360 'supporter'

New consoles bring better games

So if anything I'm a GAMES supporter


If a new xbox is released in 2009 will MS lose money? Yes.

Do I care? No...why would I?

FirstknighT4005d ago

We're talking about 2011 here, not next month. I'll gladly move on by than.

green4005d ago

please can you tell me the normal life cycle of a console before the next gen version is released?
Saturn to Dreamcast = 4years(saturn,financial disaster)
PS to PS2 = 6years
PS2 to PS3 = 5.5years
XBOX to 360 = 4years(xbox,financial disaster had to be shortened as saturn)

So if 720 comes out in 5.5 years as well has it not followed the normal trend?

LaChance4005d ago (Edited 4005d ago )

Come on man Im sure you bought your ps3 at launch that means you upgraded 5 or 6 years after the ps2 cameout.
So why all of a sudden it makes you sick when other people wann upgrade 6 years later ?
Soooooooo biaised you make me sick.

Edit : the ones agreed with him just proved that they have 0 intelligence and will follow blindely anything that praises Sony.
Are you people as blind in real life ? Honestly I dont see why an intelligent person would agree with that comment because themselves make themself sick since thay upgraded 5 or 6 years later.

FirstknighT4005d ago

It's a good thing Anego ran out of bubbles cuz he's just making himself look like a fool.

4005d ago
The Closing4005d ago (Edited 4005d ago )

For the 360 5 or 6 years is acceptable, but the 4 year range like the xbox to the 360 is just cutting it too thin not giving developers truly enough time to utilize the hardware, which would be pointless. I'm sure ps4 will be out in 6 years just within the same time frame all the other ps consoles have been released from one another. Launch titles usually aren't any better then what's being released at the same time of the last generation, plus all the hardware kinks that needs to be worked out so if you wait a year from release that would be the optimal timing. So early 2014 I expect to have a ps4 in my household. As you can tell I just bought my ps3 a year after its release.

green4005d ago

What this sony fan boys don't understand is that when their next gen started we had already been in it for a year,europe a year and 6months and for N4G members that got their PS3 around christmas like that HarryEttub guy,Then i would have been in this gen for a hole 2 years.

Just because some of you joined late dose not mean we that have been on the 360 since lunch should wait for you guys to play your PS3 for 6 years before we enter the next gen.

2010 christmas will be a good time to lunch the next gen.

The Closing4005d ago (Edited 4005d ago )

Nobodies expecting them to be released at the same time. I thought the Late 2011 projection was pretty fair. Very earliest being late 2010, but thats cutting it. It would also be wise to wait a year after that release date as well.

etownone4005d ago

even though i would definitely buy a 720 in 09 if it came out, M$ will probably be releasing it in 2010.

but at this pace, if they release in 09, PS4 wont be released till around 2012. There are going to be alot of people jumping ship again to the next xbox. I mean, look at what one year jumpstart made. Say what you want but M$ went into this gen with the mentality that there is no way they can beat Sony with a ps2 installed base at over 120mil, but they at least wanted a bigger cut in on the market then last gen. The fact that the are currently beating ps3 by around 7 million at this point is a win, no matter how you look at it.

there are still millions of 360 to be sold, price drop is coming soon for the MASS MARKET.

The Closing4005d ago (Edited 4005d ago )

I think most people maybe not you, but most learned from their prior mistakes of jumping ship too early. As a RROD owner me being one of them. 09 would be a huge mistake.

Just put your fanboyism aside for a second, and think for a moment.

green4005d ago

Sorry but that comment was not made for you.I was typing it and buy the time i hit enter yours had already been displayed and it just looked like a reply to yours.

Sorry about that.

kevoncox4005d ago

MS is not launching the next 360 unil 2011. Please ignore the life cycle of the xbox. MS did not own the ability to produce their chips so they were loosing money on every console sold. When the ps3 has a 150 million user base and your console has sold 35 million, why would you keep selling consoles and losing money on each console sold? It's a hopeless cause....

The 360 however, is a different beast. MS owns chip production. They are currently making money on each console sold( i estimate about 100.00) They are ahead of Sony(the industry leader with 150 million)
I believe that Ms's plan is to keep the 360 practical for 6 years( just like Sony) and then keep selling it for about 2 years after that.
6 years will force Sony to match them 5 years into their cycle. Tech is jumping at a very large pace, If you believe the ps3 will be he only Sony console for the next 10 years then you're stupid. Sony will launch in 2012 or 2011. If you think the ps3 will last you for another 7 an idiot.

MS is copying Sony's blueprint. I don't know why you Sony fans can't see tha.

godofthunder104005d ago

they had a new ps out every 5 to 5.5 years and it was fine according to ps3 fanboys but now that micro will have a new system out in about 6 years is stupid and they said they will never buy a new console that early but they had a ps2 and bought a ps3 when it came out 5.5 years later,now that's what you call hypercrits and i don't care if it was vice versa they are still hypercrits.
6 years is pushing the life of any video game system,hell every electronic product is outdated in about 4 years,look at computers,tvs,ipods and even br players,hell they were not even out 2 years and they are outdated ,they want be able to play the new br disc that's coming out and some people paid up to a $1000 for one but you don't hear ps3 fanboy say anything about that because as long as it's sony it's alright.
i bet anyone that sony will have a new ps out in less then 10 years because they know that if they don't that micro and nintendo will have a bigger share of the market than they do now.just look at the ps2 and compare it to the ps3 and in just 5.5 years the ps3 is about 6 to 7 times better or more then the ps2.there's isn't any electronic product that will be out for 10 years and still be able to do the same thing as a electronic product that's released 4 to 5 later and i don't care if it's sony or microsoft that said it.
every year they come out with stronger and better could buy the most powerfull computer tower that they have out now and i'm not talking about the ones you get with moniters and printers from best buy and targrt for $2000,i'm talking about just the tower that cost $5000 to $7000 and the ps3 can't even touch them but the following year they have a newer version that's more powerful than that one comes out.
i really think that sony will still be selling the ps3 in 10 years but they will have a ps4 out before then,just look what happened when micro released the 360 a year ahead of the ps4.mico got a bigger share of the market then they had before,now just think if sony waits 10 years before they release another system what will happen.
i don't understand how anyone could belive that an electronic product that comes out now will beable to do the same as a new one that comes out a few years later when electronics are upgraded in a blink of an eye.i could belive it if it was said around the time when the atari came out because electronics were upgraded a lot slower then they are now.
i wish that all this fanboy crap fanboy agree with every thing that micro said and ps3 fanboys disagree an ps3 fanboy agree with every thing that sony says and 360 fanboys disagree.ps3 fanboys agree with sony that a video game system will still beable to do the same a system that comes out about 8 years later but if micro said it then then micro is crazy.the truth is that there isn't any electronic product that could do the same as the same product 4 years later.look at tvs,when hd tvs first came out and compare them to the ones now.they both could do some of the same thing but the newer version could do a lot more.every one knows that there isn't any electronic product that could compete with one that comes out 4 years later especial 10 years later.the only reason that people agree is because they are fanboys of the ps3 but like i said before if it was micro that said it the same people would call micro crazy for saying the 360 would last 10 years,hell i would call micr crazy to.

Regret4005d ago

I'm still playing PS2. Will move on next-gen on MGS4 release. I'll probably change my PS3 in 2013 lol.

robbo9184004d ago (Edited 4004d ago )

"There are going to be alot of people jumping ship again to the next xbox. I mean, look at what one year jumpstart made. Say what you want but M$ went into this gen with the mentality that there is no way they can beat Sony with a ps2 installed base at over 120mil, but they at least wanted a bigger cut in on the market then last gen. The fact that the are currently beating ps3 by around 7 million at this point is a win, no matter how you look at it."

I don't agree with many of your posts but I do find most of them to be intelligent. This part I have to disagree with. You say a lot of people jumping ship again, yet where is your proof they have so far? X360 hasn't reached WW lifetime sales of Xbox and until they do they haven't taken anyone from any console technically speaking (from a numbers standpoint). I do agree that MS probably managed to take some, but until this gen ends we won't know how many.

The fact X360 has sold roughly 7-7.5 million more than PS3 currently says nothing other than they were out for an entire year with no competition.

Again, I feel most your posts are well thought out but this one I just don't agree with for the most part.

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Creepa at GameManx4005d ago

I would too if my console constantly had the RROD

etownone4005d ago

yep, i would prefer 09 also. Bring on the 720 but keep the 360 around to capture the whole market like Sony is doing right now with ps2 and 3.

being i had a 360 since launch of 05..... 09 seems just about right for me. Technology is moving way too fast.

if you guys that bought a ps3 on launch want to wait another 6-7 for ps4, then more power to you.

The Closing4005d ago

If you have that kinda of money. I guess you're just unaware of the reasoning behind consoles in this day in age.

Surfman4005d ago

would prefer to pay for a console which can be alive during more than 4 years, like the GC and normal Xbox. The PS2 is still alive even after 8 years: that's good investisment, I'm sure my PS3 is going to be the same thing, and i enjoy it.

SUP3R4005d ago (Edited 4005d ago )

Of course you 360 owners would prefer to have a new console in 09 because your current console is blatantly showing its' inferiority.
I think it's a level of shame that you want to cast aside in favor of a new system to boast about, that will most likely end up in the same kettle of water as the current console.
You all are sounding as if you're putting up the white flag with the 360.

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Anego Montoya FTMFW4005d ago

1. In a years time the WII won`t look so cool, anymore.
2. 360 can`t get their HARDWARE problems together.

that is NOT enough grounds to want to proceed.

and it`s makes me cringe, thinking those are the reasons.

SUP3R4005d ago

Microsoft has no vision for hardware, hence the reason for upgrading every 4yrs.

PirateThom4005d ago

Microsoft have already engrained it in people's heads that consoles can only last for 5 years.

So, by 2009, they'll be ready to drop support of the 360 and move on to their new console in 2010.

hades074005d ago

Preferably 2011 would probably be the best bet for MS, and release a redisgned 360 this year much like the PS2 slim. There probably won't be a huge graphics upgrade so if they make the next xbox completely backwards compatible with all the features of the 360 I dont mind upgrading to the next system. Sell my xbox 360, get the new hardware and keep most of my games and start with an already decent collection, sounds good to me.

steviepeas4005d ago

more so that the new xbox is coming so soon, i paid alot of money for my xbox and its gonna be obselete in a few years. the wii's alrite cos its was cheap, but still, the ps3 is gonna be around for like 10 years, so least ive got me moneys worth there.