PS3: older models value skyrocketing in Japan

Amazon Japan is selling old PS3 models at nearly double the price of the new 40 Giga. Meanwhile used console buyback price for the old Playstation 3 models (20/60 Giga) has more than doubled in Japanese shops (from 15.000 to 40.100 Yen for the 20 Giga Model).
Actually the used price is the same price the shops charged one year ago for a new console...
Seems that Japanese gamers value the retro compatibility with PS2 titles more than Sony expected...

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Bonsai12144005d ago

exactly. my 60gb is a collectors item now. the best model out. (unless the new 80gb (you know, the mgs4 bundle one) has almost 100% BC like the original set)

kingOVsticks4005d ago

but will prolly won't get as much as twice the original price since we have been playing it and what not but in 10 years there is my son or daughter college fun lol

Area_514005d ago

I am also a proud member of the 60gb ps3 club, Proud member since 11-29-06

BLuKhaos4005d ago

Thats nice I've had mines since 12/30/06.

Panthers4005d ago

Ya I got the 20 GB which is the rarest one lol. If I can get over 400 for it I will sell it and buy another one because I dont care about BC

PS360WII4004d ago

Yup yup. Proud owner of the 60 gig as well ^^

Arkham4004d ago

Ditto - got a 60GB on release day. Still running smoothly. These things are so well built.

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The Closing4005d ago

Nah, for that much more you could just go buy a ps2 with less wear and tear on your laser. Plus I'm sure the 80gb plays all the good games you would most likely want to play anyhow, plus 20gb more, not to mention more reliable hardware. Some people just like doing things because they think it's "rare" or "limited," and not because it makes any darn sense at all. It's technology people not the Mona Lisa.

ruibing4005d ago

I have a 60GB PS3, but I'm also going to get a PS2 when it drops to $99 on Amazon. Can't ever have enough Playstations.

JoelR4005d ago

Hmmm well the PS3 doing PS2 has 1 significant advantage over the PS2:
Reason I use my PS3 rather than a PS2 to play PS2 games.

poopface14005d ago

but you above me are more right. Upscalling is worth it. I played NG upscaled on my 360 and it makes a pretty good difference. I want a ps3 and hope they put it back in by the time I get one. This might make them put it back in, at least in japan. I have a question, the ps3 with the emotion engine can play the ps1 games too right.

akaFullMetal4005d ago

i know it was due to cutting costs, but sony you need this back, alot of people are going to be bummed when they put in a ps2 disc and it doesnt work. I know that still have their old ps2, but maybe they traded that in thinking the ps3 was backward compatable like the ps2, so they really need this back, or at least have emulation on the 40 gb version.

gambare4005d ago

no wonder, they got hardware BC.

BenderDGreat824005d ago

Ha!! I knew i had to buy my PS3 when I heard they were taking out the Emotion Engine and putting in a backwards emulator. I still have a huge library of PS2 games (i'm playing KH again)and I want to make sure that all of them are compatable.

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