Disney's Ultimate Band... everything you wanted to know

By now you've probably heard about Disney's new entry into the music/rhythm category, Ultimate Band, which comes out in the fall.

You probably know the basics: It's a music game for Wii and DS that uses their motion sensing / touch screen to play the instruments, so it doesn't come with any extra peripherals. It's being developed by Disney Interactive's Fall Line Studio in Utah, which DIS established in 2006 to make Wii and DS games. Though the development house has contributed to some other projects, this is the first game that's being made entirely at Fall Line.

But The Cut Scene learned a lot more about the game from an interview with Senior Game Designer Derek Dutelly.

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M_Prime4189d ago

seems like a good idea but also kinda lame.. mainly cause what makes Guitar hero fun is the guitar!

the drums could be okay.. but side to side? why not hold A or B while drumming or C and Z on the nunchuck? i never drummed SIDE TO SIDE before..