Ex-Bungie Guys Working On Pirate XBLA/PSN Game

DarkZero Writes: "Pirates are usually bad, they make people angry. However, when Certain Affinity - a team made up of ex-Bungie guys amongst other people - reveal they are making 'Plunder,' a game about Pirates we can only be happy as a result.

In the most recent issue of EGM – where the game was first unveiled – the company comment that the title has many influences from the Settlers of Catan board game, but the game instead will mostly consist of tile based RTS elements. In the game players are tasked with steering a ship and capturing land, but to make things more interesting you'll be able to attack enemy ships, and earn upgrades as you attempt to pillage as much as you can. Then, as you advance, your ship grows stronger and she will become a formidable opponent for preyin' on other ships of the seas. Furthermore, just like all of the best pirate stories, curses and other traps will also be involved."

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JoelR4192d ago

Ooooh sounds fun

*puts on to buy list

TheWickedOne4192d ago

I'll welcome any PSN game. There's not enough of them.

tecknical4192d ago

apparently surfer girl was right.