Xbox 360 Repair Guides - Pros and Cons

By Alexander Thompson:

"Xbox 360 repair guides are quite popular and there are certainly some very good reasons for this state of affairs. The most obvious reason is that they empower the Xbox 360 users to repair their consoles at lower prices than what Microsoft would charge. But popularity doesn't always mean quality. There are many Xbox 360 repair guides on the market and sadly some are pure scam, made just to make the users pay for a value they will never get. In such a situation, how do you know what to choose?"

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vagina4002d ago (Edited 4002d ago )

or you can just avoid the whole thing a send it to M$ for FREE... unless you hacked your system (shame on you) to begin with what the hell is the point of paying for something when you don't have to? if you got the RRoD then you send it in *FREE*

god damn am i sick of this stuff on this site... give it a rest already.

4002d ago
mikeslemonade4002d ago

I'm sick of the people who complain about this site. If PS3 had hardware failures we wouldn't hear the end of it either. Gosh.., some people can seem to see both sides.

Charlie26884002d ago

I have NO clue why someone should bother with a paid guide? I mean all the info to safely and effectively repair your 360 is on the web for FREE and anyone with some experience building PCs can easily do it and even modd it so its better than the stock ones and in case you wonder you DON'T have to necessarily void the warranty ;)

Monty_The_Great4001d ago

fully agree, I mean there are really one a couple of repairs to do that are simple enough for just about any one to do and when you type in rrod repair in google, there normally the first two.

jinn4001d ago

everything is a freakin con

ambientFLIER4001d ago (Edited 4001d ago )

WHERE IS THE OBLIGATORY RROD PICTURE FOR THE ARTICLE??? Come on, Sony fanboys, you are behind today.