Do All Xbox 360 Consoles Eventually Develop The 3 Red Lights Error?

By Alexander Thompson:

"In the end, every Xbox 360 produced under the original standards may be affected, if not directly, then because of these design flaws and their effect on longevity. It is a shame that such a desirable and well made system has flaws of this magnitude. The best precaution a user can take is to read up on the system and how to best take care of it".

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Time Lord4005d ago

yes! Am on my 4th 360.and frankly am getting sick on it.

masterg4005d ago

Im on my 3rd.

If it wasn't that little game called Gears of War, I would be more than happy to only keep my PS3.

iamtehpwn4005d ago

After a year, I'm still on my first, but I keep my 360 it the Coolest place possible, and I have a second Fan running (you know, one of those small portable ones) to keep it cool.

Thats why I like my PS3 and Wii. When I turn them on, at least I know they'll work after I'm done playing.

brocool4005d ago

Stories like these keep me away from buying it

Bzone244005d ago

"Stories like these keep me away from buying it "

That's why sony fanboys will continue writing these stories.

marionz4005d ago

well nearly two years down and my 360 is still fine, i dont know how i managed to get one that seems to work, maybe im just lucky.
i actually want it to die so i can use insurance to get an elite but no it keeps going.
if i was going to get a repair when it dies (but i wont) i would want it to red ring, but if it didnt red ring i would do the same thing that im sure lots of others would do and run it with the fans covered just to get the red ring and the free repair.
i agree with other people microsoft most big companys do, but at theend of the day i stand by the fact the 360 is home to the best exclusives and online content so yeah i would fully get another 360 over any other console on the market.
but yes my gameing experience has been great due to the fact ive played loads of games and never had an issue, i dont know if its the way i look after my 360 that has made it survive this long but my house is spotles and clean from dust and crap, i dont smoke inside, its behind glass but i open up the door when i play, and i clean around the console and under it sometimes to keep it clear of dirt, i dont use any other fans or anything, its got good ventilation on the shelf where it sits and it is not near any other equipment, and its not in direct sunlight.
ive run the console with the fire going and thought that might kill it but no, mine just wont die:)

Covenant4005d ago

5th system here, and yes, I have the proof. Were it not for a Best Buy replacement plan...

I plan on buying the next Xbox, whatever they call it. But I'm definitely going to wait until I'm sure it's reliable before I purchase it.

chaosatom3334005d ago

if people are on 4th or 3rd xbox console, then it's going to be a problem. It's definitely going to put a dent in their sales if nothing else and screw up the to total number of sales.

deeznuts4005d ago

That sucks, I am still waiting as well.

Manufacturing defect, only a percentage of machines are vulnerable. Design defect, ALL machines are vulnerable (not all will fail, but all are susceptible).

I think after they shrink the GPU I will jump in.

mikeslemonade4005d ago

The only way it won't red ring is if it fails with another flaw that isn't the red rings. Microsoft needs to fix this by November or else the 3 years is up for the people who bought the 360 at launch.

Milky4005d ago

Lol at how it says, 'its a shame that sucha desirable and well made system has flaws of this magnitude.' How can it be 'well made' when it rrod's so much ?

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Marty83704005d ago (Edited 4005d ago )

That's exactly why you could'nt pay me to have a 360. Microsoft should stick too making software, they suck at making hardware.

P L A Y B 3 Y O N D

WafflesID4005d ago

So much for leaving "fanboyism at the door"


kevin11224005d ago

whats wrong with his comment, microsoft does suck at making hardware.

uxo224005d ago

He's talking smack and he's lying. You're telling me that if I offered him 200.00 to let me give him a 360 he would say no! For some reason I find that unbelievable.

mikeslemonade4005d ago

If they're not good with hardware then they're certainly not good with software. There software is all bought out and it shows because the 2008 lineup is bleak compared to 2007.

VigorousApathy4005d ago

What are the mods going to do with post that is 32 agrees and 6 disagrees? I can only assume you're talking about your post.

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HuntTheWumpus4005d ago

that such a good system has been plagued with these hardware problems. I do believe every early 360 model will fail with the 3RLOD.

Microsoft really screwed themselves on this.

eagle214005d ago (Edited 4005d ago )

"It'll give you the Red-Light-Spe-cial, all through the night"...

LaChance4005d ago

fans who diss the 360 all day long in fact ALL posses a 360 and of course it RROD on them at least 5 , 6 or 8 times.But they keep on sending it back to MSFT.
Just shows how much they love there 360.Like come on , they must be really bored with their ps3 if they are so determined to get their 360 back.If the PS3 was sooo wonderful I perssonnaly woiuld have traded in my 360 rather than going through the fuss 4 times a year because of RROD.

They ABSOLUTELY need the 360 , they show it themsekves on n4g everday that there is NO WAY they want to be stuck with only a ps3 otherwise tahy wouldnt send it back and go through all the hassle and stuff 4 or 5 times a year if the PS3 was son satisfying.

Anego Montoya FTMFW4005d ago (Edited 4005d ago )

only covers the RROD.

i`m fairly sure.

they wouldn`t take my 2nd because it wasn`t the RROD.

rawd4005d ago (Edited 4005d ago )


They HAVE to own both systems, what else are they going to play while their 360's are being RMA'ed 12 times a year

Playstation 3
"The Xbox360 gamers favorite console, when their 360 sh!ts the bed"

Ashton4005d ago

that we spent lots of money on game disks .Do you want us to disregard that altogether?

Palodios4005d ago (Edited 4005d ago )

I bit the bullet and avoided the 360 altogether. I really wanted to get it instead of a ps3, but I have bad luck with electronics, and I figured mine would RROD almost immediately. Its not like there aren't a lot of good ps3 games out there. I admit that there are more good games on the 360, but I'll catch up on those games on the pc later on anyway. Mass Effect, Bioshock, Gears, and very likely Halo 3 will end up there in a few years if they're not there already. I should've skipped the first xbox and done that last time.

EZCheez4005d ago (Edited 4005d ago )

See this 360 here that died after FOUR DAYS? Do you actually think I took the time to deal with Microsoft customer support? Hell no.

By the way, this was a 360 bought two weeks ago with an HDMI port.

So how many times have you had to return yours?

Diselage4005d ago

Microsoft takes back more than the RROD. Mine had a DVD problem and they fixed it in under 2 weeks and i haven't had a problem since.

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