Genesis on the Wii becomes reality

In spite of Nintendo's consistent efforts to cut down on Wii homebrew, coders have still been able to find new exploits. Not too long ago, an exploit in Twilight Princess was discovered which allows users to run homebrew code on the Wii. Attempts to further progress homebrew have resulted in an actual way to run a Sega Genesis emulator on the Wii. The limitations of this exploit seem endless, as new discoveries are made known on a regular basis.

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ThatArtGuy4003d ago

Pics or it didn't happen.

TheMART4003d ago

Genesis games already run on my cf PSP, and with the TV out I can even play them on a larger screen if wanted. Need no Wii for that!

Need no Wii at all actually. Most people I know with a Wii are stating it's catching dust and standing to be pretty besides the XBOX 360 or even the PS3...

bigjclassic4002d ago

on the VC. no need for this really just buy some Wii points, imo.

For you, I have a total of 13 consoles and the Wii is the most played console in my place because of the excellent single player games you cannot find on other consoles. (SMG, LoZ:TP, MP3:C, NMH, Z+W, SPM, S:SR) etc.

I wish the other consoles had good single player games like the Wii.
*excludes Uncharted*

SaiyanFury4002d ago

I suppose emulation freaks are all over this. Too bad I don't need to spend the money on a Wii. I have been playing Sega Master System/Genesis/CD/32X games on my PC for years. Not to mention they look better thanks to better graphics filters.

mariusmal4002d ago

nohing beats playing the real Mega Drive with a real cartdridge. but if you have to emulate it this is old news. ppl have been playing it on the pc for years.