Shadow of the Colossus' controls are an exercise in art

Destructoid's Joseph -Orcist- Leray writes:

"The 'videogames as art' movement is a funny thing. Artsy wooks like myself love to wax philosophic about the potential that games have in terms of narration or eliciting meaningful, emotional player responses. We laud innovative game designers for forcing us to make morally ambiguous choices about ourselves and the characters around us. Unfortunately for us in the post-post-pre-metamodern crowd, games as a medium fall short in one crucial, yet easily overlooked, way: They only go half of the distance.

What I mean to say is that while lots of the elements of the game are designed and featured in artistically and culturally relevant ways, a huge part of games is left out of the artistic amalgam: the controls. The controller is the fundamental aspect of videogames as a medium, yet developers and fans alike seem to totally overlook it. Unless the control schema is laughably bad or unnecessarily confusing, it gets nary a mention."

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sonarus4187d ago

that is honestly the best way to describe shadow of collosus. Personally i found the game a little too easy but everything about that game just screams art. Its a shame for them not to consider a sequel. Dosent even have to be a sequel could just be a remake. Same open world but maybe larger this time with more standard enemies in between saving the collosus for last. I know i would buy the exact same game again

resistive774187d ago

shadow of collosus is the best game. I wish I can play it on ps3 with co-op mode support 8 players :)

sonarus4187d ago

if they made the game with bigger enemies and where you needed like 3-4 ppl to bring down some enemies that would be crazy. A sequel for shadow of colossus is quite necessary. The ps2 just didn't do that game justice. It needs to shine again on a next gen console

EZCheez4187d ago

Some games are meant to be experienced alone, and this is on the top of the list of those games.

Adding coop to any Shadow of the Colossus game would seriously make me question getting it.

Regret4187d ago

I really don't like where gaming is going. Co-op sh1t, multiplayer... I want freaking single player! One-time playtrough that I'll remember whole life.

sonarus4187d ago

yea single player is nice but multiplayer is the future. Nice to play with friends (unless you don't have none). Playing shadow of collosus sp would be nice but adding mp as well especially coop would be even better. They could even do some sort of battle where it would be 5 vs 1. Essentially 5 ppl vs 1 collosus. That would be funny lol but i doubt they could get that to work well cus it would be extremely hard balancing it.

EZCheez4187d ago

The entire premise of the game was doing it ALONE. The main character (you) had to do it all on his own, and it the made the game that much more personal and really added to the atmosphere. You were cut off from everything else and all you had was yourself and the horse.

I know multiplayer is the "future" for some games, but it will never work for some franchises, and this game above all should be held sacred enough not to be smeared with multiplayer.

Regret4187d ago

I just can't imagine story with 2 or more characters in SotC. Nor I can imagine playing game without story.

NO_PUDding4187d ago

I completely agree. Co-op is an awful idea, aswell as multiplayer. I know it won't happen, so I don't mind.

ANyone who suggests co-op or multiplayer for Shadow of the Colossus or ICO, they ahve completely missed the point of them game.

And I agree Regret and EZCheez, I know multiplayer isn't the future, it's a deviation of original games, and a completely acceptable and entertaining one, but it's not ever an epic story. And SotC is exactly that. I had to call someone out on reviewing Uncharted a 7.0* the otehr day becuase of lack of multiplayer. There are so mnay moments in single player games that make you gasp like you do, when you see an amazing view in real life. And SotC did that so well.

sonarus4187d ago

like it or not a good multiplayer game makes any game more fun. Yea the mood of shadow of the colossus is supposed to be lonely and all that but thats why it is optional. Like most multiplayer games its just something you do when you are done with the single player to extend the game a little longer. i still think if done right multiplayer could be a good idea. But i really could care less if mp is added unless it takes away from the greatness of the sp. I do understand coop can compromise the sp design that is why resistance is splitting it up.
I think i am going to play some sotc tonight. Just remembered the boss in the sand that was like a sand worm and chased you and the horse and you had to while riding shoot arrows in its eyes. I thought that was the best boss. That or the one you had to hop on its wings. The boss that was scared of fire was pretty nice too

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No FanS Land4187d ago

Shadow of the colossus needs a sequel, with more stuff though because I found the game a bit empty. Personnaly, this game is innovative, I don't remember another game where monsters were actually the entire dungeon. This game is beautiful from start to finish.

eagle214187d ago

I love this game, actually it got me BACK into videogames and sold me a ps2 in the process.

Kain814187d ago

its a Legendary Tale, that everyone must see.

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The story is too old to be commented.