Crispy Gamer: Devil May Cry 4 Review

Crispy Gamer writes: As most of you know by now, Dante is not the star of this show. He takes a backseat to a new character named Nero. Nero has a snow-white, stylish hairdo and a long, medieval-style trench coat; he carries a big gun and a big sword; and he enjoys doling out wisecracks that are so totally lame, they wouldn't survive a grade-school playground game of "Your Momma."

Ring any bells? If you said, Hey, Nero sounds one heck of a lot like Dante, you, my friend, are smarter than the average bear. The game opens in a church/monastery where the faithful now worship Sparda (Dante's demon dad) as a god. During the service, we're introduced to Nero, who shows up late, slouches in his seat, wears headphones, and seems to be trying to look as bored as he possibly can.

What's Hot: New character; Terrific graphics; Slicing/shooting your way through gangs of weird-looking bad guys = still fun.

What's Not: New character bears uncanny resemblance to Dante; Meandering level design will leave you lost and frustrated (despite the new -- and mostly useless -- map system); Crap writing; Some boss battles are duds

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