Crispy Gamer: Demigod Preview

Crispy Gamer writes: If it hasn't been said before, it is official now: Gas Powered Games has a god complex. Okay, in this case it is a demigod complex, but the concept of playing with larger-than-life creations is becoming a habit.

Billed as a team-based action game, the game encompasses aspects of a fighting game as well as RPG and RTS elements. Demigod allows the player to take on the role of a massive unit where the sole objective is to destroy an enemy stronghold. The game pits player against player in massive, over-the-top arenas intended to dwarf even the largest demigod. Arenas range in scale from on-on-one combat to five-vs.-five, allowing up to 10 players in multiplayer mode, or you can play against the artificial intelligence.

Pro: Massive units; Even larger arenas; Fascinating art style; Interesting concept

Con: Still an early build; Lots of placeholder art; Still balancing unit abilities

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