IBM z10 - 20-core CPU package with tremendous performance

IBM has announced its new z10 mainframe together with the all new z10 processor. IBM has designed it from scratch to increase data center efficiency, and reduce power, cooling and space requirements. While sporting performance which is on par with what a cluster of 1,500 x86 processors, it requires 85% less power and 85% less space to operate. If you want more, z10 can scale up to hundreds or even hundreds of thousands of users, IBM says.

The z10 supports a wide range of workloads including Linux, XML, Java, WebSphere and soon also Sun Solaris. The heart(s) is 64 purpose-built quad-core processors, and all in all IBM spent five years developing this new monster. It has cost more than $1.5 billion in R&D.

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Silvia0074187d ago

A system that can play Crysis at max settings! So, how many mortgages do I have to take out to get one of these bad boys!

Gondee4187d ago

Crysis only uses 2 cores. -_-

unless every core is 5 Ghz its not gona run on the max settings.

btw. You can play crysis on max settings (playable) with a PD940 at the least. I do it all the time on my spare computer. it also uses a 8800GTXOC

TheIneffableBob4187d ago

I just played Crysis yesterday on max settings on an 8800GT. I was surprised at how well it ran, considering all the flak it's been getting for not being able to run on any hardware.

1280x720, max settings, around 37 FPS average.

Bladestar4187d ago

Behold! The future of CPUs! and this is only "20-core CPU"... I say Only because "Intel pledges 80 cores in five years"... uhh.. they said that almost 2 years ago...

I know this angry people like DJ that keep saying that the Cell is the future and not multi-core CPUs... I always get flamed for that... want proof? here is some proof... I hope the xbox 720 bring on of these 20 core CPUs... and at least 2-4GB or Memory...

bootsielon4187d ago

The cell is a multi-core processor, the difference is that it doesn't use conventional cores, I'm surprised you don't know that given that you always brag about being a programmer, yeah right.

The only reason why the cell isn't the future is because the industry is already on a scalar processor Wagon and they're not gonna hop off of it, which is why devs find it hard to develop for the Cell. The Cell processor can even be scaled to have many more cores, there was an IBM road-map describing how they would achieve 32-cores on a cell processor by 2009.

The Cell is an amazing processor, and if it had 20 SPUs it would be comparable to this one. After all, it also cost IBM, Sony and Toshiba billions of dollars and has been demonstrated to perform better than most processors at many tasks. It's likely Cell processor was optimized for entertainment, while the z10 was optimized for business applications.

Bladestar4187d ago (Edited 4187d ago )

Let me get this thing straight - the Cell CPU is considered a multicore processor. However it's much more restricted than you think. The cell has a general logic (PPE) PowerPC main controller and 7 SPE "sub-cores." These sub-cores are not general logic cores - unlike Core 2 Duo's "2" cores... Therefore they cannot function independently without the main core (much like an organic cell's structure *no pun-intended*). Therefore to utilize all the SPE's effectively, one needs to know how to optimally program to get the most juice out of those specific cores - general logic languages will NOT work on these SPE's (specialized-instructions only). The xbox 360 (example) CPUs on the other hand has 3 general logic cores that can run general code and function as a unique processor onto itself... Therefore I think the battlefield will be quite dependent on how programmers can utilize their programming skills. Only developing time and lots of funding will programmers be able to utilize those specialized cores effectively...

hehe... yeah... cores... but there is a difference.. though many people can't tell the difference... (I can) since as you said, "you always brag about being a programmer"...

and no... it would not be the same... you see the cell requires the main controller to control all SPE.... or err... sub-cores... while the each z10 core runs independently hense the true meaning of multi-core... so, if you want to really be exact... the cell should be considered a single core CPU with sub cores... hehe... how many main sub cores you think the main controller can handle? In theory the x86 architecture can handle unlimited amount of individual cores...

The PS3 only with 7 SPE is hard enough to program... taking developers lots of money and resources to use them... imagine the Cell with 30 subcore/cores? yeah it would take 10 years to make a game.. and the next Madden game would look like a PS1 game...

Duhh I knew the Cell has a type of core... but not independent cores... take it was you want.. to me that's not a core... at least not like the z10 cores...

Also let's not forget who made the Cell... mmm... same company that made the z10... if the x86 architecture was so bad why are they spending so much money on it? and not just focusing on the cell?

Silvia0074187d ago

I know, I was just saying it as a joke since everyone brings it up all the time. I also play it just fine on a spare system equipped with a E6600 and 640mb GTS (Both OC'd) used as a file server.

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