Crispy Gamer: Sins of a Solar Empire Review

Crispy Gamer writes: Ironclad Games, developer of Sins of a Solar Empire, set out to pull off the seemingly impossible task of creating an epic space strategy game in a real-time environment. Most games of this type only come in turn-based flavor, Galactic Civilizations and Master of Orion being the mainstays of the genre. With so many balls to juggle, the idea of dealing with production, exploration, diplomacy, technological research and combat all in real-time is enough to make your head spin. Not only does Sins succeed in pulling off this design feat, but it does it with such a surprising level of competence that even die-hard turn-based fans should take notice. This is truly a magnificent game.

What's Hot: Deep, engaging gameplay; Solid AI; Fantastic multiplayer; Slick visuals; Great interface

What's Not: Not for the RTS twitch crowd; Can't help but to wish for a few more races; Backstory isn't fleshed out; No true campaign mode

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