Sunlight Affects Wii-Mote Sensors

A blog report from Nintendo World on September 14th reveals that the Nintendo Wii is sensitive to natural sunlight.

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FordGTGuy5899d ago

Hope they get a fix for it.

BIadestarX5899d ago

Ok people, try not using your wii on the backyard. Keep it indoor.

Sphinx5899d ago

Now I can't play my Wii at the beach!

Balance5899d ago

yeah but someone who has alot of windows in their living room with alot of natural light might be hosed. not that i am getting a wii because i am older than 12 but if i could only play it at night because my 2 story windows in my living room let in too much light for it, i would be pissed.

Sphinx5899d ago

my game room has a few windows, but they have thick curtains that I close for TV viewing and playing my 360.

bszelda5898d ago

Hey man...I'm 16 years old and i am definetely getting the Nintendo Wii. I even know someone in my family who is 25 years old and they are getting the system too! I'll be waiting in line!! :D:D

zypher5899d ago

i guess it would suck. fortuantely for me, my only interest in the Wii is for a few N64 and Gamecube games, and a bunch of NES and SNES games...not for the Wiimote.

BIadestarX5898d ago

Same here. This does not affect me.

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