GameTap: Street Fighter IV Meets the Press

GameTap writes: This year's Game Developers Conference wasn't the first opportunity the press had to get in some serious playtime with Street Fighter IV, but it was the first chance they had without having to fly halfway around the world and rub elbows with suits at arcade shows. We contacted some of our other colleagues from the event and asked for their opinion on this highly anticipated fighter. Though their skill levels and experience vary from one to the next, one thing that everyone can agree on so far is that Capcom is definitely doing Street Fighter right.

"I really loved playing Street Fighter II back in the day, although I am far from a competitive player, so Street Fighter IV is really made for me. I can have fun playing Chun-Li and she feels exactly like I remember. That's a big deal to me as a casual player. What has impressed me the most, as I said in my piece on, are the visuals: I'm blown away by how much this game looks like an old-school instruction manual come to life."
--Chris Kohler, Wired

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