GeForce 9800 GX2, 9800 GTX & 3870 X2 Compared

The GeForce 9800 series is due later this month, but if we're lucky there will be some leakage during CeBIT. Several partners have stated to show 9800 cards, but NVIDIA doesn't want them to. GeForce 9800GTX is still slated for late March, 9800GX may appear anytime between Marh 11 to 18, or in worst case scenario later than that. The performance is of course being discussed as it is well established that it will sport two G92-450 cores and that performance will be largely dependent on the drivers. VR-Zone has now posted a slide comparing GeForce 9800GTX, 9800GX2 and AMD's flagship Radeon HD 3870X2.

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mighty_douche4188d ago

Hold up? The CHEAPER ATI card beats n-vidia's much more expensive offerings which are yet to even be released?

Looks like the money i was saving for a 9800 might go on 2 ATI's for just a few quid more! : )

...good news for ATI.

xsteinbachx4188d ago

Their new cards are all suppose to be driver based so obviously they're all in beta phases. I'd like to see how well these cards do with a few months of optimization.

Charlie26884188d ago

Dude if you have been around the Video Card front for a while you will remember that you NEVER trust the 3D mark as a base to compare NVIDIA vs ATI cards...remember how the 2900XT outperformed by a good margin the 8800GTX on 3D mark? (and everyone was already cheering for ATI?)...and by now you will now how that ended...same goes for ATIs usual paper launch

mmm...Dude the HD 3870X2 retails around $449-$499 and you are buying 2? = 898$-998$! O.o

I think you shouldnt buy any of them until both new series cards are compared were it REALLY matters...GAMES (and have new drivers)

TheIneffableBob4188d ago

3dMark is a synthetic benchmark. It is not indicative of the performance you'll get in an actual game.

iLemon4188d ago

What? 3dmark 2006 is my favorite game. I find it hard to believe they only ran one synthetic benchmark.

Dragonopolis4188d ago

May cause ATI to drive their prices down. $1000 dollars might me a bit much but if ATI is force to compete and drops it $100 then two X2 cards would be $600 to $700 dollars. Now that is a good deal for 4 GPUs. ATI might not be the fastest but their price performance wise is pretty good.

DaddyDC6504188d ago

these cards are not worth the price. Btw, there was 1-2 people claiming that I was wrong about the cards scoring around 14,000 3DMark 06 points. I bet they feel really stupid just about now. =)

ravenguard884188d ago

But the price is right considering the performance.

In PC gaming there are so many factors though, and like in anything, some games will run better on the ATi card and others on the nVidea.

I really hope ATi comes up with something to put them back on top, for more than the month they had with the X2.

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