GameTap: The Characters of Street Fighter IV, Part 2

GameTap writes: The second half of the Street Fighter IV roster is now up for debate today as we continue our look at Capcom's return to the arcades. Part one covered everything from the always solid Ryu to the currently overpowered newcomer, Crimson Viper, as well as the disappointing return of Chun-Li. There's one more newbie in the ranks today along with another drastically underpowered veteran. Again, we'd like to point out that this is a piece of work that is heavily in progress and your experience will most likely be drastically different from these impressions.

Plays like: 3rd Strike, baby!
Best move: Shoryu-anything
As in Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike, Ken and Ryu may appear to be similar but due to their key differences, the blonde guy with the huge eyebrows takes the crown. For the most part, Ken plays identically to his 3rd Strike counterpart, with some changes made to his normal attacks and the expected difference that comes from an entirely new gameplay engine. You can still catch people like crazy with EX hurricane kicks in the air (sans the followup juggle), and his bread-and-butter chain combo into super cancel can still lay down some serious hurt.

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