Confirmed: Syphon Filter Logan's Shadow will arrive on PlayStation 2

Finally the rumors were true. We can read at HardGame2, one of the most important Spanish (and european) web of videogames, the next (This story has been translated by Google translator pages):

"As happened with Dark Mirror, Sony Computer Entertainment will release on PlayStation 2 Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow, following his recent passage through PlayStation Portable. At this moment we know that only come in the month of May to PS2, the rest will have to wait for information."

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sonarus4008d ago

lol sony needs to chill with the psp to ps2 ports. I know its all about the benjamins but at this rate it will become the ultimate norm. Can the psp really say it holds any game exclusive anymore. I am 100% sure gow chains will end up on the ps2 now

ruibing4008d ago

It must cost very little to make a PSP to PS2 port. As long as it is a timed exclusive on the PSP, it will still sell. It will probably be half a year to a whole year before there will be the possibility of GoW:CoO and Crisis Core on PS2.

lalilulelo4008d ago

sony has been doing this to every first party title i believe. so Crises core might not come to the PS2 since its all up to Square

deeznuts4008d ago

Yeah because I drag around my PS2 and an LCD everywhere I go. I mean who doesn't?

Just kidding, it does appear that every decent PSP game comes to the PS2, but I don't have a PS2. I have a BC'able PS3 but don't particularly care to play PS2 games on my HDTV except GOW and GOW II, but those games are just awesome.

Joey Gladstone4008d ago

I'm personally more of a MGS fan, but the first iteration of Syphon Filter with the Taser that could light enemies on fire was truly great..
......"The JOEY has Spoken"

Regret4008d ago

First Syphon Filter on PS1 was a great game. I hope they'll port this one and GoW, and Ratchet is coming. Haha.

vloeistof4008d ago

well sony no wonder, ps2 owners are not upgrading 2 ps3
that much.
if they keep getting games like this

heyheyhey4008d ago


hope we get some news on the Syphon Filter game for PS3 soon

SF doesn't hold a candle to MGS4, but it's still a worthy franchise (well it wasn't on the PS2, but hopefully after it's recent success on the PSP it can continue that on the PS3)

gEnKiE4008d ago

They need to make a kick a$$ PS3 version of Syphon Filter. If they could make a game that captured me the way #1 did, I would be set.

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