Iron Man, Hulk, Alien games power Sega's reinvention

It's no mean feat powering up from being video game publisher No. 14 in 2004 to becoming the industry's sixth largest third-party publisher today. But Sega of America is tasting that success. Industry analysts credit its president and COO since 2005, Simon Jeffery, as the force behind the company's struggle to reinvent itself.

In fact, come May 2, when the Marvel Enterprises-produced "Iron Man" blasts into movie theaters, Sega is counting on the day-and-date release of its video game version to inject even more life into what was once a very anemic portfolio.

"Historically, Sega hasn't been part of the license business," explains Jeffery. "But we felt that in order to gain market momentum, we absolutely needed to have big game-appropriate movie licenses under our belt."

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Joey Gladstone4002d ago

I believe Alien is the only one looking to have real promise as a big seller... the other two appear to be your standard, "lets make more money off of this movie with a video game" types
....."The JOEY has Spoken"

poopsack4002d ago

maybe the next real sonic game won't suck. :/

permutated4002d ago

Looks like Joey is running out of bubbles.

Too much talking in 3d person, perhaps?

4002d ago
Jamegohanssj54002d ago

In other words:

"We're making some crappy games that little kids will buy because they'll play anything and they love super heroes! Aliens is directed to our older category, but it will suck too."

Joey needs bubbles; I gotcha covered.

The Genius has spoken.

Bubbles please :|

Joey Gladstone4002d ago

Do not worry my fellow gamer.....I will be sending a many bubbles your way..
....."The JOEY has Spoken"

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