Peter Moore Video Interview Oct 2006

As the busy month of September came to a close, it was tough to keep up with all the new games, announcements and rumours doing the rounds. Microsoft's Peter Moore was busier than anyone - making a stop in India for its own launch of Xbox 360, in between attending the Tokyo Game Show and most recently, X06 in Barcelona, which is where he rushed straight over to Kikizo to offer this extensive new video interview.

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Deceased5897d ago

For some reason I like Peter Moore, I don't know why but I do.

Ravenator5295897d ago

No matter what, he seems like he speaks the truth. Even if it does make him look like an ass at times.

And the fact that when questions need to be answered, you see Peter Moore answering them!

That is also why many people love Reggie Fils-Aime for Nintendo.

There are too many people answering questions and making statements for Sony. Phil Harrison should be the only one answering questions! IMO Sony's PR image would look a whole lot cleaner if Phil Harrison was the only one talking.

Donkey Slayer5897d ago

Did you ever hear his "Under promised and over delivered" remark in regards with Backwards compatibility? It's well documented.

Even most of the diehard xbox360 fanboys were pissed at him for that. So much that he want on damage control after.

Truth is, he says a lot crap just like Kutaragi Phil Harrison

Donkey Slayer5897d ago (Edited 5897d ago )

Xbox360 fans know it. Even P. Moore knows it which is why he apologized (damage control).

Power of Green II, I noticed you spend a lot of time defending Microsoft at every corner. That's nice and all that you are passionate about them. Sorry if it bothers you that I'm not their sheep, even if I do enjoy their products. Personally I take the good and bad and call it for what it is. This isn't a religion for me.

heihoosilver5896d ago

Sony hadn´t say ps1,ps2 games ALL be compatible with ps3? They now say that some of them don´t. Everybody lies but sony lies far more.

Ravenator5295897d ago

Notice the word "SEEMS" as in he "SEEMS" to speak the truth!

I never said that he "ALWAYS" speaks the truth.

Donkey Slayer5897d ago

"No matter what, he seems like he speaks the truth."

but whatever, it's not a big deal. Peace :)

power of Green 5897d ago

I think you're the biggest and the worst kind of Sony fan a WOLF IN SHEEPS CLOTHING if you will. MS changed their minds about BC, they where not out to lie and fool consumers on purpose, theres a difference.

5897d ago
THAMMER15897d ago

He is the worst kind of fan boy. Mainly because he has done so much work to spam an over all point less article.

Its is just sad and ugly for gamers to be acting like this.

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