Week Recap: PS3 MGS4; 360 HD DVD; Wii Outsells

Punchjump highlights the weeks news stories. The stories listed in the title are included as well as many more.

- Sony this week said that it will release a new 80GB PS3 bundle that includes Konami Corp.'s Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. The SKU will sell for $499.

- The Xbox 360 HD DVD Player was in-stock at major retailers despite a price cut to $49.99. Earlier this week Best Buy and Circuit City held stock of the discontinued item in-store and online.

-Enterbrain this week said that the Wii outsold the PS3 by 4-to-1 in the month of Jan. The Wii sold more than 331,000 units compared to 89,000 PS3 units.

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Joey Gladstone4188d ago

lol what a shocker....even I can admit that this next gen console race has been Clearly, and Overwhelmingly won by the Wii, now its just a close battle for second place in the PS3 and 360 lol....
...."The JOEY has Spoken"

Mr Tretton4188d ago

It depends. If you go by when the first company comes out with their next system, or how long any particular system lasts/sells.

8+ years from now, the PS3 will still be selling and will outsell the Wii. 4 years from now, the Wii will start it's downslide, possibly sooner. When the other systems get down to the price of the Wii, and lower, the Wii is dead, and on comes the Wii 2.

The Wii is the last console of choice, people are just buying it first because of price, which is a bigger issue this gen, because these are bigger price tags than people are used to, or are willing to pay. For only 150 more you can get a PS3, which has enormous value over the Wii. The average consumer is stupid. The Wii is a last gen system (Nintendo at that) that you play with a novelty control.

The JACK has spoken.

thereapersson4188d ago

It highlighted the growth of the industry to its current state today and what new tech is being looked at for games and systems of tomorrow. It was good to see that Microsoft is being more proactive in the field of user-generated content, which was one of the highlights of the piece. What really irked me though was the statement that people predict more focus on the expansion of casual gaming, with the Wii being put in the hot seat as far as that goes. Personally I think that with the exception of a few Nintendo standbys like Super Smash Brothers, Zelda, Metroid and Mario, the Wii really has nothing going for it to interest me at all. It's nice to get people into video games that don't normally play them, but I think that the casual market should stay on networks such as XBL and PSN as well as PC. I really think that people buy the Wii because of its price and for Wii Sports / Wii Play and then don't really bother to do much else with the system (at least here in America); then you have the Nintendo faithful that actually go out and buy the games that deserve great sales like Mario Galaxy and SSBB, which is what we need more of.

Lifendz4188d ago

until GTA, MGS4, and the holiday season games come out. People are going to want either a 360 or a PS3 once GTAIV is available.

Sony sucks balls4188d ago

Yep and if they want the full GTA experience they better go with the Xbox 360.

baxter4188d ago

Most GTA 4 fans are PS2 owners who would be purchasing PS3 for GTA 4 and MGS4 and GT5.

PS2 owners would convert to PS3 when GTA4 and MGS4 lands. There is no reason to choose x360 when it has no games this year and when MGS4 is ps3 exclusive.

full experience ?? 100 hours is just more than FULL EXPERIENCE. A few people would barely even finish GTA 4.

Most of those GTA fans are looking forward to MGS4 too.

So MGS4,GT5,GTA4 on PS3 or just GTA 4 on x360. You wont even be able to finish GTA on X360. You might get RROD halfway through the game.

so is it just GTA4 with USELESS DLC + GEARS on X360


MGS4,GT5,GTA4,KZ2 and R2 on PS3 + 100s of HIDEF MOVIES at 1080p at 24hertz

You decide.

Oh you cant decide since only a fool will ever buy x360 after HD DVD's demise and MGS4 revelation

****most of the xbox owners have already converted to x360 so expect 0 conversions when GTA4 lands to X360

4188d ago
ruibing4188d ago

Yeah, your avatar is kind of offensive. You should change it before people start reporting you on it.

gEnKiE4188d ago

LMAO, I could not of said it better myself! This dude is an idiot.

Rocko4188d ago (Edited 4188d ago )

You were already told to turn off the caps lock, do it.

..and I wouldn't be talking about his avatar. That wrinkly scrotum still looks better than the fugly kid in yours. Oh sh* that you? LOL OWNED.

Until I see the PS3 version in action, i'll be getting GTA on 360.

Sony sucks balls4188d ago

I suppose since most of you Sony Slaves lack what's on my avatar you would be offended. Biggest bunch of cry babies out of any gamers. Boo Hoo I can't loook at that but let me go shoot someone or get a hooker in a game. Cry Babies...

Danja4188d ago

seems like ur the slave dude...who would support a company that sells faulty hardware...swayed there customers into buying a dead DVD format player...and over charges them for online play..then in about 2 yrs they will be forced into buying a new console "xbox720" cuz ur precious 360 will be drop like a hot POS ...that sums up 80% 360 owners "M$ Slave".

+ Show (4) more repliesLast reply 4188d ago
vloeistof4188d ago

when are npd numbers coming of feb.

PirateThom4188d ago

Usually around the middle of March, around 15th-16th, I think.

eddierivera4188d ago

To get the full experiance, go with the 360 version? Isnt a 100+ hours of gameplay enough without the DLC? I forgot, IM sorry xbots,, GTA4 will be the only good game for you guys to play until Gears comes out. Now I understand why the xbots are so touchy about this game, acting like the dlc on GTA is the holy grail of this game. Sorry to burst your bubble bots,, the ps3 is getting some dlc too,, but guess what? Ill be playing MGS while you guys are on your 200+ hours worth of dlc, omg this is freaking hillarious!

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