db Techno: PS3 Review: Nyko Charge Base 2

If you are the type to completely drain your batteries before recharging, the Charge Base 2 makes for a very fast recharge as you will be ready to go again in no time.

The Charge Base 2 is appropriately priced at $29.99 and is a nice addition to the set-up of any PS3 owner. It is nice looking and will fit perfectly in your gaming set-up, allowing a safe and secure resting place for your two PS3 controllers when you are not using them. It is definitely better than having to plug in a USB cable to your PS3 every time you want to recharge the controllers.

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wageslave4004d ago

The Play & Charge kit for Xbox 360 Duke Controllers costs $16.

You can charge the (supplied) rechargable battery pack while using the controller.

SIX4004d ago

Your comment is irrelevant to this article.

PirateThom4004d ago

You can charge the PS3 controller through any USB port you have spare on a computer... and still use it while gaming...

SIX4004d ago

Yup. Just let him PWN himself. It's most enjoyable that way:)

thereapersson4004d ago (Edited 4004d ago )

Your comment is completely off-topic and has nothing to do with this article. But since your fanboysim and hatred of Sony blinds you from obvious facts, I guess you don't know that you can buy a cheap USB extension cable and play your games while charging the SixAxis controller. Oh, and what's that? No proprietary kits to buy either!

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