Valve open to discussions on Left 4 Dead PS3 port

Videogaming247: Following confirmation from GDC that there were no plans in place to bring zombie shooter Left 4 Dead to PS3, Valve's Doug Lombardi has said that no fat lady's sung on a Sony port yet.

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Hydrollex4747d ago

Noob Developers make me sickkkkkkkk !

These A##holes need to spend some money, learn something instead of porting games. They embarras me as a human. All they want is $

iceice1234747d ago (Edited 4747d ago )

Did this you just call Valve a noob developer?

MikeGdaGod4747d ago

they might as well not even bother

Winter47th4747d ago (Edited 4747d ago )

I remember when Gabe Newell bashed the PS3 and 360, praising his Source Engine, only to have his engine butt ****ed by Epic's Unreal E. 3.0 when companies started buying it like hot cakes, and pretty much by ever other graphical engine out there.

After seeing L4D, it should be a great title for the N64.

sonarus4747d ago

bring it if you want. As is it won't be anything but a rental on my 360 when it comes out. Unless offcourse it runs around with 9's and 10's lol. Then i will reconsider

wageslave4747d ago

Want evidence that N4G is a worthless hole of idiot fanboys?

This comment has 10 Agrees & 5 Disagrees.

A) Valve is not "newb" in any sense.
B) "learning something instead of porting games" is retarded. You would have to learn to use the PS3 development environment, and program for it, in order to DO THE PORT.
C) "All they want is $" *EVERY* Company in the gaming industry is in it for the money.
D) "They embarras[sic] me as a human." Really - I think you're doing a bang-up job of that yourself.

Bonsai12144747d ago

well considering that source is already 4 years old, its time they refreshed it anyways. but its not like UE3 hasn't been having any problems either. a good share of people are complaining as well.

TheIneffableBob4747d ago (Edited 4747d ago )

Source Engine 2007 was a huge update.
The Antlion Caves with the dynamic- and self-shadowing is one of the most graphically impressive things I've ever seen, especially with 16xQ CSAA, 16x AF, and every other setting maxed out at 1920x1200.

LaChance4747d ago (Edited 4747d ago )

some people are soooo hypocrite. They say "Anyways I'll get the superior version on the PC" If the pc is so superior than console versions , that means 360 and ps3 (DONT tell me pc is superior to 360 but not ps3) why didnt you guys buy Unreal tournament on PC instead ?

Why didnt you wait for GTA4 and DMC4 on PC , since its the "superior" version ?
Dont tell me its because of the wait.You people wait 1 year to play Geow on PC and anyways most 360 ports to pc come out months later so waiting isnt a problem.
So why dont you get those games for PC instead ?
It is the superior version right ? But you still get those games for your PS3 instead.
Wheres the logic ?

kwicksandz4747d ago

yeah i guess those noobs at valve with their AAAAAAA+ half life 1,2 and the most played multiplayer game ever Counter strike plus the most fun multilayer last year TF2 and the most original game last year in portal need to go back to drawing boards.

fanboyism of this level makes me sick. Take your crap to the gamer zone. Valve hasn't made a crap game yet

and i agree LAchance the hypocrisy on this site is amazing. every time a 360 multi plat goes PC its off to PC for the superior version.

Everyone complains about the cost of gaming pcs in one thread seemingly has a ultra rig at home to play any mulitplats on their "superior format" But Ut3 was fine on consoles right?

Milky4746d ago

This game looks horrible graphically.

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chasegamez4747d ago

please no port
it already looks like a ps2 port

wageslave4747d ago

Ha. Really. Dont bother, if you must, please take it ->

hazeblaze4747d ago

What do you mean "ha really"? Have you not seen the gameplay vids?!!! The game looks like it will be a blast to play but the graphics look pretty bad. They look even more outdated than Half Life's!!! The game will probably be fun... but with Resistance, Gears, & KZ all on the way, this is a game I will probably be passing on.

satanslilh3lp3r4747d ago

instead of him taking his non flaming comments to the open zone, you can take all of your flaming crap and shove it right back up your...(i won't finish this comment; i am in the gamer zone after all :D)

Joey Gladstone4747d ago (Edited 4747d ago )

..but as it appears to be another possible port I say NO WAY will not get my hard earned cash on your last minute, extra profit, full of bugs and framerate issues port.......
...."The JOEY has Spoken"

Palodios4747d ago

Did you even play the game? I don't know about Team Fortress(I don't play online so I never touched it), but I didn't even notice any problems in half-life and portal, besides slightly longer than normal loading times. I only gave it a rental, but playing Portal and Half-life 2 with minor glitches is way better than not playing it at all. Those games are sweet! Not to mention that the game IS GETTING FIXED by the end of March anyway. Valve is just stubbon, by the end of 2008, they'll change their minds about the PS3.

Storm234747d ago

a port by a third party...NO!!!!!!!!!!!!

The only way this would ever turn out ok is if Insomniac did the port, and we know that will never happen. Nope

heyheyhey4747d ago


sure it would be behind 360 and PC versions, but it would still be a game and it would still be fun

Orange Box had a few extra framerate dips on the PS3 because it was handled by another studio- it was still pretty damn amazing

of course it would rock if Valve did the PS3 port themselves- but i would pretty satisfied with an external port as well

BSigel814747d ago (Edited 4747d ago )

I agree with all of you guys, they must take us gamers as jokes that will buy anything that they put out. Not to pick at EA, but that is the same trick that they are trying to pull gamers to buy the same recycled material. The only reason people buy these games are because they are misinformed and are used to see these products heavily advertised every year. For example, Friend 1 would have a played these type of games would give their opinion, and then friend 2 would be jealous because, friend 1 is having so much fun, then they would be sucked up in the trap. So in essence it is heavy advertising, but word of mouth is how these games are sold, until peoples opinions change, it will continue to sell. Sorry about all the commas I had to type this in a hurry and make it sound write.