Retailer hawks HD DVD titles for $9.99

Retailer Fry's Electronics this week began offer HD DVD titles for $9.99 in the latest bid to clear inventory of the obsolete high-definition format.

Titles sold at the price point include Sahara, Anchorman, Tomb Raider, Payback, Old School, Sleepy Hollow, and Top Gun.

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TruthBTold4187d ago

To be honest this really does seem like a great deal for those who have and HDDVD player, if I had purchased one I would be buying a lot of this HD movies. Hopefully it wont be to far before we start getting some better prices on BD once it starts to replace DVD more.

PS3n3604187d ago

The reason blu ray and hddvd was developed was to create a movie product and format they could charge more for since dvd's started hitting $10 bins. There was an article a few years back that discussed the devalued dvd and the fact that the cash cow had turned into hamburger. I think $30 will be the average for a year or two.

Joey Gladstone4187d ago

to think of the prices that they had everyone paying per HD-DVD disc prior to their downfall, they retailed upwards of $30, $40, and $50, and now its down to $10.......sometimes it honestly makes me think twice about the current $60 price tag attached to games and movies, and how much profit per disc they are making off of me...
....."The JOEY has Spoken"

xplosneer4187d ago

Percent to publisher, percent to developer, percent to advertisment, percent to designer, percent to box and disc, etc

There was a graph about this somewhere but IDK where right now.

ITR4187d ago

I bought my HD DVD demo movies for only $24 bucks.
I got Planet Earth for only $59.
I'll probably give away the PE since it's not a combo disc.
So my next HD DVD customer will get a free PE set.

KILLERAPP4187d ago

Yep you are is time for go to join the blue.

Bubble Buddy4187d ago

, You should be the only HD-DVD that stays :D

heyheyhey4187d ago


this deal is pretty sweet for people with a HD-DVD player

season0074187d ago

these discs won't even worth a penny by then....
i doubt the next gen physical format is still going to support HD DVD...

ITR4187d ago

If it's like Laser Disc the price might actually go up. (for certain movies)
Some people collect weird/rare formatted movies.

I still want Star Wars on laser disc and on beta.
The beta copies go from anywhere from $20-100 bucks depending on condition.

A true collector will buy it on every format.

SeNiLe9114187d ago (Edited 4187d ago )

Take a look at beta-max, still selling for way more then a penny http://search-completed.eba...

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The story is too old to be commented.