BioShock 2 concept art NOT the real thing

TVGB writes: "The author behind these images just got back to me, saying these are not official BioShock concept drawings. In his own words: "It was for a class at Art Center, the assignment was to design a sequel for a videogame or film. So I picked one of my favorite games from last year.""

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Regret4191d ago

Too bad. It's gorgeus.

Panthers4191d ago

I wish I could draw like that

gambare4191d ago

I wanted bioshock 2 for my PC, the first one was great

heyheyhey4191d ago

of course im right

i am practically God you know.....


oh my god I can't wait for this game to come out. oh i'm so hyped. man u can post even the most fake news about an xbox 360 game and every nerds comes out saying how good the game looks

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