PS3 Tie Ratio of Two This Year

Investment analyst Wedbush Morgan Securities says the PS3 will attract a tie-ratio of just two games this year, contributing les than $150 million to publisher coffers. In comparison, Xbox 360 launched with a tie-ratio of 3.9 games

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OutpostCommand6402d ago


Yes, im an analyst too.

I predict that I find a artillery shell in a sandwich tommorow.
Hold it right there. Im an analyst- I can get away with it !


German Computer Game Awards 2024 has just announced its winners

"The best games of the year and the creative teams behind them were in the spotlight at the grand award ceremony of the German Computer Game Award 2024." - German Computer Game Awards.

anast3h ago

BG3 has won everything possible. It's insane.


Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising - Reality Bites Hard

Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising launched back in 2009, bringing the realistic military operations to console for the first time.


All Campfire Locations in Fortnite: Chapter 5 Season 2 Guide

ESTNN writes: "The easiest campfire can be found in the middle of the lake close to Restored Reels. Landing in the middle of the island immediately puts you near the campfire, which is surrounded by a tent, a barrel and a single lawn chair."