The Four Darkest Wii Games Of 2008

A in depth preview of the Wii's four darkest games coming out this year!

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Eclipticus4006d ago

sadness and fatal frame looks good, dont know about the other two...
i think they need to make a new clock tower for the wii tho

PS360WII4006d ago

Good stuff 2 rpgs and a horror tale. We shall see about Sadness

BLUR1114006d ago

um hello!! is anyone here... lol

Night4ll4005d ago

The open zone didn't work out as was planned... but the sad part about it, is that there are so many people on this site who are in denial about being fanboys...

Mikhal55694006d ago

I know the guys building this site. It's going to be insane once they finish building it. You guys should really check out the arcade it's pretty sick.

Ricdog4006d ago

Ive been waiting for that game for years

SovereignSnaKe4006d ago

and i really want to believe that Sadness isn't some Hoax, we'll have to change the Name to El Chupacabra

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The story is too old to be commented.