Microsoft Sneaks in Vista Anti-Hack Update Under Radar

Microsoft's Windows Vista Service Pack 1 brought to an end two anti-activation exploits; the Grace Timer exploit and the Paradox OEM BIOS activation crack. Gamers thinking they've avoided the anti-hack update by turning down the sp1, may already have it installed.

Microsoft issued the anti-hack detection update KB940510 via Windows Update. For those of you that have Windows Update set to automatically download and install updates, you've already downloaded the anti-hack code.

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decapitator4857d ago

You cant really blame Microsoft for trying to do this secretly. Although, it will just be a matter of time before hackers find a way around this.

Rockstar4857d ago

Won't be using Vista anyway

xplosneer4857d ago

Or would at least turn Auto Updates off. :|


Actually, Vista's great. Just turn off the updates. OS updates are useless anyway. They just take-up space and annoy you.

Pain4857d ago

Man i just cant say it anymore~ lolM$ Just give up,close shop, give money back to share holders and go to
Alaska and kiss a Polar bear if they havent drowned yet.

SaiyanFury4857d ago

Heh, I stick to XP like flies on $hit and will NEVER go to Vista no matter how much M$ pushes it. Of course, I download updates, but not automatically. Windows notifies me of updates, then I look at them one by one to see what will be downloaded. Be smart people: Don't let Windows, whatever version you use, do whatever it wants.

gta_cb4857d ago

just a matter of time before it happens again =)

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