Was Windows XP Microsoft's last good OS?

Everybody's talking today about "Drivergate" - internal Microsoft e-mails that show senior Microsoft executives personally struggling to use hardware products sporting the "Windows Vista Capable" sticker. The e-mails also show that Microsoft lowered its standard for some hardware compatibility, apparently to help Intel impress Wall Street.

This revelation is simply the latest in a long series that add up to one inescapable conclusion: Windows Vista sucks. (And making it cheaper won't help, either.) Compatibility of drivers is just one issue. Another is a convoluted user interface that prevents ordinary users from gaining a sense of control over the OS.

The biggest problem isn't that the company's newest products are unusable, but that Microsoft may have actually lost the "ability" to make good operating systems. It may not be able to let go of its dogmatic insistence on the flawed vision of the same Windows "experience" from wristwatches to supercomputers.

And there is evidence that delusion or, at least, wishful thinking, prevails at Microsoft. The company's founder and chairman, Bill Gates, said last week that "Microsoft expects more Internet searches to be done through speech than through typing on a keyboard." Hey, Bill: Do you want to bet $10 billion on that? I doubt even that Microsoft will fix its Vista driver problem within five years. This is the same guy, by the way, who bragged that Microsoft would "solve" spam by 2006.

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CRIMS0N_W0LF4192d ago


MAC OSX and Linux blow Windows out of the way.

vagina4192d ago (Edited 4192d ago )

i'd bet a $1 you've never used either... least not for more than a hour or two "just to see what it's like." all you are doing here is trying to hop on the M$ hate bandwagon... fanboys... bah.

sarcastoid4192d ago

Well I've used all three for several years now and Windows (unless you play PC games) is by far worse than OS X (In my opinion) and depending on how much control you want over your computer it's far worse than Linux. However, I understand those who prefer windows over Linux as linux does have it's own problems.

Not everyone just jumps on the M$ hate bandwagon... most people have good reason. Afterall it's M$ that's giving them good reasons.

decapitator4192d ago

Dude, I gotta disagree with you. XP is MILES ahead of vista even though it has been out for a very long time. So Yes and NO for Vista.

actas1234192d ago (Edited 4192d ago )

Microsoft Operating systems are way better and way more convenient than linux. Even computer software devs prefer Windows over Linux. I am not sure if u have ever used linux before, but FYI, linux is not compilable with most products out there and it doesn't have any decent software for it. Also its much harder to use of the "everyday user" and its very vulnerable for hacking and security issues. Apple OS is used by many ppl but its not straight forward and simple as Windows. Thats why Windows is used on 90% of PCs.

Another thing, what Apple is waiting for is a remotely different looking new MS OS, in order to push their OS and start licensing it to other laptop and PC manufacturers. Ms knows that and that is why they upgrade the looks in a way they stick with the traditional windows look which is essential for their success.

sarcastoid4192d ago

If you re-read my post you'll see where I said I've used all three for several years. I'm aware of why people may not like Linux, as well as compatibility issues and what-not. But if you've used linux within the last year or two you'd see a lot of those compatibility issues aren't there any more. Regardless, for those that understand Linux, they know of what it's capable of that Windows simply cannot touch. But again, like I said, I totally understand why people would prefer Windows over Linux.

actas1234192d ago (Edited 4192d ago )

Linux doesn't have a user friendly interface. Also its not as straightforward and simple as windows. You are not the only one that likes linux, there are thousands of ppl out there that love it.. But most ppl including most software developers prefer windows. Also Linux is a very unsafe OS.. Its very easy to hack. Apple OS lookes better than linux but its not as straight forward as Windows. Well, it eventually become straight forward ounce you get used to it but that takes longer times for most users.
Windows vista is a step in a new direction for MS and its normal that this will be accompanies with mistales and errors here and there, but the truth is MS does take care of their customers and they provide patches and updates regulerly (I am talking software wise here).

CRIMS0N_W0LF4192d ago

I work in graphic design on MACs and used to study networking using Linux.

Bubbles - for speaking out of your arse.

sarcastoid4192d ago

I'm confused... are we talking about which is the better OS or which OS is easiest for ignorant computer users to pick up on... or what?

Even if we're talking about ease-of-use here, I've heard from a lot of new computer users that they had a much easier time getting around and getting things to work in OS X than in Windows. Of course, it's all opinion and what-not... but even when I first got into macs about 4 years ago after only using Windows, I found it incredibly easy to get around in OS X and in my experience, easier than any windows. You may disagree, and that's fine.

IntelligentAj4192d ago

Am I the only one who doesn't like Mac OS X? The most common complaint I hear against windows from mac users is a Mac is easier. I've always XP to be extremely easy to work around. This may not be true for those who aren't tech savvy but if it you care to take some time to optimize your system XP runs just as good if not better than OS X. I used Red Hat Linux in school(Network Administration) and I found that to be a lot less user friendly. But Unbuntu is a really good OS. Once again this isn't for beginners because it can be quite confusing but it's interface is much better than Red Hat. I used Vista for a month and I didn't think it was that bad of an OS. Since I remember vividly how bad XP was when it first came out, i'm willing to give Vista a break for a while longer. I will admit that the driver problems are annoying but outside of that the OS runs just fine on my system. That being said XP is better than Vista.

SaiyanFury4192d ago

Truth be told, XP sucks as well, but not as bad as Vista. Hell, at least all my drivers work! I'll never to go Mac, but if Mac lovers like it I won't say anything to them. I like to play games on my PC as well as simplicity of use.

Interestingly, a buddy of mine had his PC built, and the guy who built it put on Linux, Which is all fine and dandy. The only problem is that my friend doesn't know a thing about PCs and Linux can be a real headache for hardware driver compatibility, let alone software compatibility. So he phones me up (We live in different cities) and tries to ask me how to install a program that would allow him to talk to me via MSN. Since all my schooling has taken place under the Windows logo of various designs for the last 15 or more years, I wasn't able to help him. I told him to get the guy who built his PC to install XP for the best compatibility possible and for the least amount of headaches. I've seen Linux in action and it's great for the more tech minded, but for people who know less than jack $hit about PCs I wouldn't recommend it.

solidt124192d ago

I agree. I just bought an older g4 dual 1.25 with Mac OSX 1.5 and its great. I might upgrade to a G5 next year. Get a Mac or stick with XP because I have a machine with Vista also and it sucks.

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vagina4192d ago (Edited 4192d ago )

personally i don't care for vista, for instance when i bought my new HP laptop the first thing i did before even starting it up once was put XP on it.

i do however like windows mobile 6 on my blackjack.. after quite a bit of tweaking and whatnot of course. but it really is quite nice. there are times when i wish it had more "phone smarts" but aside from that its pretty good (especially when you ad in all the sweet emulators you can run on it, excitebike FTW!). now if the cost of at&t's pda data plans would come down to something more reasonable then i'd be really happy.

heyheyhey4192d ago

short answer: yes

my inital beef with vista was that jack sh!t worked on it, but now that's pretty much solved

however my main problems are that a) it doesn't offer anything new or revolutionary, everything it provides could be done on XP and even some vista-only stuff like DX10 can be ported over to XP and b) im not too sure as to why there is such an excessive RAM requirement, to me it just seems like a way to push hardware even further for a financial gain (people who don't know how to upgrade, buy a new PC which most likely comes with- you guessed it, goddamn vista)

whatever- i just know im never buying another M$ product again

sarcastoid4192d ago

I'm with you on this one.

GETPWNZORED4192d ago (Edited 4192d ago )

"a) it doesn't offer anything new or revolutionary, everything it provides could be done on XP"

---Actually, I'm going to have to disagree with you on that one (even tho I give you a bubble LOL). Have you been using Vista? I have. I can say that it rocks. It was pretty awful with only a gig of ram, but I just upgraded to 3 gigs and it's just awesome. I couldn't imagine going back to XP.

Vista has become the porn lover's dream. XP never had the ability to search within a folder for pictures simply by typing in a little box at the top, or easily edit tags with one click of a mouse. And XP would take ages of grinding the harddrive just to CLICK on a big folder, let alone open it. In Vista, everything is lighting fast, as if the folder were empty all along. I could go on and on. But like I said, I couldn't imagine going back to XP. That's the truth. Vista was pretty bad at the start, since it was too advanced for anything to work on it, but now that devs have caught-up and made new program versions, it's great.

I really have no idea why people bash it all the time. I've had nothing but a great experience. But then again, I am no coder.

actas1234192d ago

This is just an article from a pissed off customers. Reading it makess u believe more and more that its just full of crap. I think magazines and websites should really read articles before posting them, at least that will teach many entry level writers to do some research before writing and making wrong and just angry conclusions.
Vista establishes a relatively new era of MS OSs, its normal that it won't be perfect. However, MSs actions in cooperations with intel shows that MS and most of big corporations are more than willing to screw to consumer to make an extra buck, which is sad but true.

vagina4192d ago (Edited 4192d ago )

Well the article might be a little hard on M$ in some spots but it's hard not to believe that Vista = WinME. Sure there will be better to come and that's what this article ultimately gets at. Near the end they say Surface looks very promising, just they shouldn't take their time with it or someone will pull the rug out from under them (Apple, Google) and then gives some suggestions on what else to do.

Jack Bauer4192d ago

i have vista... why do people hate it so much, i haven't found anything wrong with it... or had problems with it.

Daz4192d ago

same here. running fine for me.

heyheyhey4192d ago

it's not that it's bad

it just doesn't do anything new- it just seems like a way for M$ to reel in more revenue knowing that a lot of people will upgrade due to brand recognition

and the RAM requirments (especially for 64-bit) seem a bit fishy to me

xplosneer4192d ago

I agree. DX10 is nothing special even with 3GB's of RAM, an 8800GT512, and a Quad Core, and what else is there? Searching in folders? Aero? They're overblown! Where's my upgrade here again?

GETPWNZORED4192d ago (Edited 4192d ago )

I don't know either. I love Vista. But yeah, you need at least 2 gigs of ram. I agree with that. I've got 3. It's night and day after an upgrade. ESPECIALLY on the resource hog that is Vista...

Also, make sure to turn off all that User Account Control crap that's everywhere. It can literally make your computer unusable if you copy files over or something like that. Not to mention just annoying the crap out of you every time you click something. It's so stupid. But you can turn that off, thankfully.

solidt124192d ago

Talk to someone who uses vista for Pro audio and you will see why we hate it so much.


No need. I use Vista for high-end 3D and audio packages every day for my work. I use 3DS Max, ZBrush 3.1, and I also use Adobe Master Collection, all on a daily basis.

I haven't noticed anything Vista related since all of these programs have "converted" to Vista. Could you be more specific? Which program is giving you trouble still?

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