IGN: The Bourne Conspiracy hands-on, videos and screens

This summer, High Moon and Sierra are bringing Bourne to the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Although the game will cover some of the events found in the Bourne Identity, both factions are quick to let you know that this is not a game based on the films.

"If you look at all three movies put together, Jason kills more people in one of our levels," said Paul O'Connor, High Moon's Vice President and Design Director.

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TheExecutive4189d ago

This game looks very very average.

Daz4189d ago (Edited 4189d ago )

looks good based on a movie. game like this are usally total fudge.

I think to many people expect to many things from games now.

Storm234189d ago

kind of looking forward to this game. A rental most likely unless it comes out with sh*t reviews...which is most likely the case.

timmyp534188d ago

after watching the Bourne films I really want some Bourne action but I'll just wait it out and see what happens.