Complete Dissidia: FF villain list revealed

A new Dissidia: Final Fantasy poster drawn by Yoshitaka Amano has surfaced online, and seems to feature several new villains, which will be included in the game. The current list of characters is as follows:

· Final Fantasy - Warrior of Light, Garland
· Final Fantasy II - Firion, Emperor Palemecia
· Final Fantasy III - Cloud of Darkness (New)
· Final Fantasy IV - Golbez (New)
· Final Fantasy V - Exdeath (New)
· Final Fantasy VI - Kefka (New)
· Final Fantasy VII - Sephiroth
· Final Fantasy VIII - Squall, Ultemecia
· Final Fantasy IX - Zidane, Kuja
· Final Fantasy X - Tidus, Jecht (New)

Notice how Square Enix chose Jecht over Seymour, which is pretty surprising.

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Bonsai12144193d ago

jecht was always more BA than Seymour. Seymour was a whiny b!tch who was way too easy to beat.

RecSpec4193d ago

"You with a woman? You can't even catch a ball!"
Best FFX quote EVER!

INehalemEXI4193d ago

I want a demo, and a release date. A CC demo would have been nice too, to late for a CC demo now though huh.

soul4193d ago

There was a Dissidia demo a few months ago during Jump Festa 07.

Azures4193d ago

Hopefully they include Ramza and some villain from Tactics.

DragonKnight4193d ago

I've ALWAYS wanted to play as Jecht. I've always said that they should have made an FFX prequel instead of the painfully awful FFX-2. Playing as Braska, Young Auron, and Jecht would have been AWESOME. Imagine playing as him in Blitzball.

Kind of sucks that he's a villain in it, since he really wasn't a villain in FFX, but I don't care.

And for the record, he WASN'T a villain in FFX. He was just being used by Yu Yevon and had no choice. Letting yourself be killed by the good guys for the good of an entire world makes you a good guy, not a villain. I'm just saying, for all the people who are going to try and say "But he was Sin", it doesn't matter.

Also, they should have had Auron as the hero instead of Tidus.

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The story is too old to be commented.