5 Things Microsoft Can Do At Their Xbox Event To Beat Sony To The Punch

Vincent Deshaies of Gamefocus gives us his analysis of what Microsoft should do with their Xbox 720 reveal in order to beat Sony to the punch.

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unworthy152064d ago

I agree with all of these things for once

BananaEatingSquid2064d ago

I don't think they'll focus on games like it says but I want them to!

unworthy152064d ago

I heard they have 4 new IPs and there's that black tusk studio working on something, maybe they'll surprise everyone with no kinect stuff??

Vinc3602064d ago

I'm sure there's going to be a lot of Kinect and multimedia stuff to please investors, but I don't think it'll be quite as casual-oriented as their past few E3 conferences were for the simple reason that early adopters are usually "core" gamers!

Blacktric2064d ago

So what they have to do to "beat Sony down to the punch" is to do exactly what Sony did only on a tiny teeny little bit bigger scale?

These bloggers are so cute with all their not so thought out and already moot points.

Red_Orange_Juice2064d ago (Edited 2064d ago )

my wishlist for Microsoft as a PS gamer:

Yes to Halo
Yes to Alan Wake 2
Yes to new FIRST PARTY games (not on PC)

No to moneyhatting 3rd party devs
No to Kinect
No to Fable
No to Gears

sGIBMBR2063d ago


As a 360/PS3 gamer, I agree to all your choices... Maybe a new PGR game too?

MikeMyers2063d ago

1. Have Xbox Live become the leader in the industry. Show why people should gravitate to their service again.

2. Have a free option to playing online.

3. Get back to showing games the hardcore crowd wants.

4. Come out strong with new IP's.

5. Prove Kinect 2 actually works and not just under ideal conditions and scripted, if they are rumored to come out with one again.

6. Explain how powerful it truly is and don;t shy away from being future proof.

7. Work with developers and have them explain why they want to work on the new hardware.

ABizzel12063d ago

1. Be more clear about the features

I completely agree. Based on the rumors (which were spot on with the PS4 besides 8GB of GDDR5 instead of 4GB), the Nextbox is going to be the weaker console, so they need to focus more so on what they believe makes their console the better choice, Services. And they need hit every detail regarding them.

2. Focus on announcing games

MS doesn't have the first Party that Sony or Nintendo has, so they'll always be behind in IP's until they build up their home stable. I expect a similar amount of games to be shown, Halo ODST 2, Project Gotham Racing 5, Rare New IP / Reboot Franchise, Kinect 2.0 tech demos, and third party games. And well see better demos of the same stuff come E3.

3. Show the console

That's fine. I'd rather know the specs., but being able to see it is good as well.

4. Reveal all the details on Xbox Live 3.0

Guaranteed. I feel XBL GOld will be free, and we'll have a new paid service XBL Platinum, with many cloud gaming, DVR, gaming recording, and media features.

5. Tell us about how powerful the system is

As I said earlier, they're not going to spend too much time here if they're aren't going to have a system as powerful as the PS4. They'll highlight what makes it next-gen, and list things like CPU, RAM and type, but they won't get into details on the GPU.

This was the best one of these I've seen thus far.

On a side note one thing people seem to be forgetting about these conferences is that they're not E3 conferences. These are not for gamers. They're for publishers, developers, and investors, so when they're showing tech demos, data, and other things many of the established game journalist sites like IGN are complaining about, just shut up and realize this isn't meant for you. You're just invited to spread the news, not review the console and it's games. These are basically pre-GDC events, with more technical news given out on GDC. E3 is for gamers, not these conferences. It's just a sneak peek of what's coming.

WarThunder2063d ago (Edited 2063d ago )

1- Be more clear about the features, what?

Like Sony wasn't any clear.....

3- Show the console

LOL this is becoming a trend now... Stupidity of gaming website is beyond anything...

guitarded772063d ago (Edited 2063d ago )

I hope MS impress as much as Sony did... BUT, I hate the company A "beat" company B. I like both... hell, I like all, and while some offer more or better options for me, I don't think of it as one "beat" the other. It's just lame.

What MS can do to impress me is come out, and show the tech with hardware specs out in the open. They must also show the games, exclusives have to be key to the presentation, and come out and show a couple 3rd party big guns. EA was absent from the PS4 reveal, so it would be nice to see them at the XBOX reveal showing Battlefield 4. They could also show something like Star Wars 1313.

I don't really care about Kinect as a gaming device, but I will be interested to see what MS's plans are for Kinect in relation to apps and social features, and as an input device in general.

I'd also like to see online gaming go free, and if they still want a paid model, make it something unique. I'll also be interested to see if they change their controller too, since that's kinda been a theme with the Wii U and PS4.

EDIT: I commented before reading the article (typical n4g user), and I guess my wants are about the same as the authors.

mistertwoturbo2063d ago

They are going to reveal Kinect 2.0, megaton news like Destiny is coming to the 720, and Diablo III will now come to consoles!

Nafon2063d ago

I agree with everything except add:
Yes to Forza Motorsport.

knowyourstuff2063d ago

All those things were childish quite frankly. You can't expect everything to be finalized one year in advance, including the specifics on features, the final packaging of the system and how it will look, final specs and total cost. Development just doesn't work that way. With a year to go all you have is a vision, the nitty gritty details aren't finalized until much later, that's just how manufacturing something of this magnitude works.

Showing every single game is just blowing your load all at once with nothing to get excited about after that. What happens when you do that is one or two games that are a highly anticipated sequels will soak up all the attention and overshadow everything else, so there's no point in showing everything all at once. The industry knows this, which is why you've never seen it happen.

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-Superman-2064d ago

As they start showing Kinect 2 and those games... it will fail.

Muffins12232063d ago

Yea i cant wait for my
Dance Central:Justin Bieber Edition

PFFT2063d ago

EXACTLY!!!!!!! If its KINECT supported that fine BUT if its all Kinect FCK THAT!

WarThunder2063d ago (Edited 2063d ago )

Showing Kinect 2 will not be a fail for MS... MS does not care about their fan base (just like Apple) they are the ones who decide what to bring to the market. MS saw the success of their first Kinect, now they want to improve it "Kinect 2.0" make it better and sell more Kinect devices.

This is the truth like it or not...

GezForce2063d ago

i disagree..... i got my poncho ironed and ready to go. A kinect centric nextxbox is going to dominate the masses. i got a spare one with green poka dots if you like?

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user39158002063d ago

5 things they need to steal the show?

1) Show the freaking console and spec

2) Bring back the core gamers, start with KILLER INSTINCT 3 and another 4 first party game no ones knows.

3) BC, optional download and hardcopy and give us multiple scoring for users from the same console

4) Illumiroom, skype, and multiple tv play from same console

5) Give us multiple MMOS from online play even if we have to pay for it.

6) fill in the blank ------------------. And last but not least cockroaches = sony trolls.

HammadTheBeast2063d ago

5 things they need to steal the show?

1) Show the freaking console and spec

Specs already confirmed to be less than PS4, unless they drastically changed console which would result in a delay.

2) Bring back the core gamers, start with KILLER INSTINCT 3 and another 4 first party game no ones knows.

Never happening, casuals with Kinect make too much money. Enjoy Dance Central.

3) BC, optional download and hardcopy and give us multiple scoring for users from the same console

PS4 will do this too, hell even Wii U does this.

4) Illumiroom, skype, and multiple tv play from same console

Illumiroom is a gimmick will not work with most living rooms as they are not perfectly empty square cubicles. Skype, congrats, just $50 a year for something everyone gets free. Multiple TV play?

5) Give us multiple MMOS from online play even if we have to pay for it.

PS3 already has quite a few.

6) fill in the blank ------------------. And last but not least cockroaches = xbox trolls.


PFFT2063d ago


"Specs already confirmed to be less than PS4, unless they drastically changed console which would result in a delay."

You mean Rumored not CONFIRMED. Or do you work for the industry and now something we dont.....??
Cause last i checked all these so called Xbox Specs have been nothing but that RUMORS.

DigitalSmoke2063d ago

illumiroom... You casuals are so easily fooled, its sad realy

morkendo232063d ago

ONLY!!! way for MS to beat Sony to the punch is to launch the 720 march 3rd next month.
since we all know thats not happening no sweat.

andibandit2063d ago

No, the only way for MS to beat Sony, is for Sony to shoot themselves in the foot again.

slaton242063d ago

i did to except the one about the console...reason sony didnt show theirs is because think of the hype at E3 and wouldnt wont the competition to get ideas to steal and make their own

AngelicIceDiamond2063d ago (Edited 2063d ago )

If MS wants to really sell well out of the gate. They need to announce free basic MP out of the box along with Netflix and Hulu and other apps free also. Lets be honest, 360 locked its customers out by the gold subscription.

If they unlocked it, free MP for everybody then that's instant sales.

While keeping future offerings under the paid subscription stuff like free games, cloud service, social services under the paid model.

I have confidence in MS. If there's one thing to go by, MS this gen has had a great track record on delivering on what they announce.

lilbrat232063d ago

They should focus on everything mention but I don't think they will. I for one want to see NEW games no remakes or continuations of another game. They better bring it and also I hope they get rid of the online subscription.

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unworthy152064d ago

Maybe they'll upgrade it...

HammadTheBeast2063d ago

Would require a pretty large delay, about 4-6 months at least.

DOMination-2063d ago

Sony didn't require such a delay and they changed it days before their conference. Even their first party didn't know anything about it.

Vinc3602064d ago

If there is a graphical gap, hopefully they'll try to minimize its impact by showing games with great art and design

delboy2064d ago

Like ddr3 on wiiu producing better visuals, NFS, Trine2... more to come.
Don't forget next xbox comes with fast edram and sosophisticated data moving engine and a 33% waker gpu won't make a big difference at all.
And there's still time to change the rumored specs, those are over 10 months old floating the net.
MS is a software company, so I expect a much much better OS on box,overall better user interface and better features than a share button.

And in the end, MS will kill Sony with price, maybe even with a subscription model like for mobile phones.
MS can afford to sell with a loss unlike Sony.
Btw rumors on GAF are that the Ps4 costs 400-450$ to produce, so good luck for those expecting a 399$ ps4.

DarkZane2063d ago

Considering Sony usually sell their hardwares at a lost on release, it not being 399$ (and maybe even lower) would be a surprise.

Raider692063d ago (Edited 2063d ago )

WELL UBISOFT CEO told that they hold back BG2 game development because they saw the price tag that one of the consoles is been released an is too high!WE dont know what console he was talking about,but im also almost sure that the PS4 will go with atleast $500 to $550 bundle with some game.Im picking it because i can even at this price but the majority will wait for a price drop if any of the consoles comes this high.

DigitalSmoke2063d ago


Gamers can't wait to spend serious cash on à cutting edge console.
All these soft priced low tech things are for childeren...

nirwanda2063d ago

It depends on how the compression chips if its moving stuff around at even 2x the compression your getting double the speed and double the memory,
And on top of that you have the move engines that make it easy for the cpu/gpu to share data and allocate registers for the data.

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Vinc3602064d ago

At the end of the day, I just hope we get another great platform to play games on. I'm already sold on PS4 and will be getting one at launch. I'll be pleased if both the PS4 and 720 grab my attention.

BananaEatingSquid2064d ago

That'd be best for all gamers!!!

shivvy242064d ago

im already getting a ps4 but if ms goes hardcore gamer first + hardcore exclusives then ill get both

greenpowerz2063d ago

"I'm not the type to go looking for trouble or discriminate against any platform :P"

I find that funny snese you're trying your hardest to paint the 720 in a way that is pro Sony with nothing more than PS3 fanboy talking points.

What you say in a nutshell:

-PlayStation 4 is more powerful no matter what because I say so and I know more about what MSFT can do than MSFT does. The need for Sony to win anything and everything is because this fills the void of something missing in my life.

-360/720 has no games because saying that makes me feel beter about my PlayStation purchase/preference/loyality Plus I hate Kinect for being something that has made MSFT a force to be recond with.

DigitalRaptor2063d ago

@ greenpowerz

You are mad delusional! Who said what you're quoting?

insomnium22063d ago

My god why did someone let green out of his cage. Bad boy!

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THC CELL2064d ago

I'm glad Sony only teased us at the last event and after Xbox big show off the bigger guns come out from Sony. We yet to see nd and many others

dubt722063d ago

No idea what this says.

Jobesy2063d ago

Too much THC not enough CELLS methinks...