Sony: PS3 OS Wasn't Final at TGS

The PlayStation 3 operating system used at the Tokyo Game Show was apparently not final. Sony confirmed to GameDaily BIZ that the company has been in the process of finalizing it and that just like the Wii's OS, it will be upgradeable in the future. More within...

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bullet5894d ago

Did Sony not just say there was no problems with the ps3's at TGS? And now they say "Sony reiterated that it was the confined cases and other unfriendly trade show conditions that caused problems with the consoles" How can any one beleive a word that comes out of Sony's mouth anymore?

FeralPhoenix5894d ago

but I have to agree with you there....they have a good product they just need a good spokesman and let him do the "ALL" the talking.

Ravenator5295894d ago

Phil Harrison needs to be the only talking about anything that has to do with the PS3!

Just like Peter Moore for the 360.

BIadestarX5894d ago

I think all these Sony reps should sit down and agree what they should say and when. There is one line they seem to hate, "No Comments", and then let their PR answer all questions. In order to stop sending mixed messages.

testerg355894d ago

I'm not sure how anyone can really believe what Sony says, but diehard Sony fans (I didn't say the f* word) will again overlook this latest statement.

Marriot VP5894d ago

Geese sony, how long away is your supposed launch date, about 40 days right

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