Halo Lego Game? Think Not!

In what is looking like a trend today (if two posts can be considered a trend), there's another LEGO bit of news today, this time involving Halo. However since this is appearing in EGM's April edition it's likely their idea of an April Fool's joke.

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Creepa at GameManx4008d ago (Edited 4008d ago )

Eh...never heard of it

Iamback4008d ago

Ok we get it, it was Aprils fools joke, can we move on now`?
And whats the deal with 1UP spreading this fake rumors? Ok i get that it is a joke, but for God sake it comes from professional magazine, not from some unknown site or something.

Iamback4008d ago

For God sake is it Joke or noT?! If it is a joke than it is LAME, if it is true, than great for Halo fans, but honestly this April fools g..ness is driving me nuts!

RecSpec4008d ago

There is no Halo Lego, it will NEVER happen, These april fools jokes NEVER happen.

Just ignore the fact that Sonic is in Smash Bros. and There is a character similar to Sheng Long in SFIV.

Never rule anything out. I love the people saying "Halo is too hardcore for Lego" What's more hardcore than Lego?

RecSpec4008d ago

Damn got me on that one. Bubbles for that.


so all the dumbazz could buy it

psnDevistator3564007d ago

If they made a Lego Halo than I might be interested in playing it.

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