PC Gamer: World of Goo Preview - Stop the persecution of the goos

PC Gamer via CVG writes: So there are these giggling little globs of goo that you can drag about with the mouse. If you place one near some others, it'll form a wobbly structure by connecting itself to them with squishy struts.

The game has evolved from its early prototype, in which you simply had to build as high as you can. Now levels ask you to build over huge chasms and around fatal spikes, to wedge your structures in chimneys, float them with balloons, and even build on water and in a tumble-dryer.

Goo has all the gnarled cuteness of Psychonauts, the wonky genius of Armadillo Run and the infectious warmth of Darwinia. Actually, let me put that in terms that don't require you to have played a load of games very few people have played: it's cute, ingenious and heart-warming.

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