Prey: In-Game Content

Xbox Live members can now download the following free content for 'Prey' from the Xbox Live Marketplace:

Becky-Multi-player character
Elhuit-Multi-player character
Elite-Multi-player character
Hunter-Multi-player character
Jen-Multi-player character
Gravity Labs-Multi-player map
Space Oddity-Multi-player map
Topillogical-Multi-player map
Tunnel Rat-Multi-player map

This content is not available in Japan.

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highps35896d ago

How much does this cost or is it free? And way to leave out Japan!

Dusk5896d ago

It says 'the following free content'.

likeaboss3025896d ago

Too bad I rented the game from gamefly and sent it back when I was done. I'm half tempted to go out and buy it just to support developers who don't try to screw you with Marketplace transactions. You hear me EA!

LuminousAphid5896d ago

Don't buy it, the multiplayer is terrible anyway, so all this content makes no difference; it's still a bad game for $60. It seriously takes about 5 hours to get through.

Daewoodrow5895d ago

It might take you 5 hours to play through, but i've been playing it when I get free time, and i'm only half way through. I usually play for 2 hours a time.
I wasn't bothered by the multiplayer, they can adress it at their own pace. The Single player is AWESOME.