Gamer Revolution: Furu Furu Park Review

Blake Morse of Gamer Revolution writes: In the Wii world mini-games seem to reign supreme. Whether getting in shape with Wii-fit or searching for treasure with Zack and Wiki. Furu Furu Park tries to carry on that fine tradition but, unfortunately, falls flat on it's face.

Furu Furu reminds me of a Japanese arcade - it's got bright colors and fun music. The sense of humor has some eastern flavor as well - and what's up with all the muscle men with neon afros? The problem is that the games just aren't as fun as the ones you would find in the arcade.

+ Great Colors
+ Funny Grading System
+ A few fun games

- Everything is too short
- Not enough variety
- Games have little, if any, replay value
- Target market? Japanese school girls.
- Seriously, what's with all the Afros?

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