Tomb Raider gets first review

GamesMaster has high praise for Tomb Raider, reveals game length, and more.

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Namikaze_Minato4136d ago

1st review... high praise.

Nothing to see here.

aviator1894136d ago

"nothing to see here"


aviator1894136d ago



JP13694136d ago (Edited 4136d ago )

People often imply that the first reviews are biased because they assume that the establishment getting somewhat preferential treatment from the publisher will engender feelings of good will toward them. The result is a higher review score. And others will assert that bribery has taken place. I have to say, the scores do seem higher during the first wave, just as the later reviews seem to be abysmally low to generate hits. I usually read and watch reviews from people I trust and I also like reviews that don't give scores, instead relying on letting the reader or viewer make up their own mind given the reviewer's comments.

The Killer4136d ago

out of topic i know.

but what happened to FF vs 13? will it come on ps3 or ps4? its been 7 year or so and the talk is still on it.

jetlian4136d ago

its from a magazine so they played it first do to it being print media there's no other reason!

the game looks badass anyway. watch episode 3 http://www.youtube.com/watc...

-Alpha4136d ago

The review is actually unbiased. It says so right on the cover:


Root4136d ago


Very well said

Look at RE6...the first bunch of reviews were very positive...then the truth comes out

I'm not denying TR isn't a good game or doesn't look it BUT I'm really getting sick of reviews taking a well known franchise which seems to of moved away from it's roots, basicaly what made the game what is was, then give it a near perfect score despite the game not being once what it was. Look at dmc...high scores yet non of the reviews gave evidence to why they give it that score and why it was better then the previous instalments, when, lets be honest, the new dmc is inferior .

New IPs...fair enough give them the benefit of the doubt, it's a new game with nothing to match up to but an old franchise which looks more like Uncharted then Tomb Raider...come on.

vitorizzo4136d ago

i remember when homefront came out and most of the first reviews that were "leaked" or just came out before the embargo was lifted were good it was getting a few 8s and alot of 9s....

NonApplicable4136d ago (Edited 4136d ago )

I'm sure this game will be worth getting. We have good reason to believe Tomb Raider will be a great game.

pompombrum4136d ago (Edited 4136d ago )

It's a sad state of affairs that people see a first review high score and ultimately pass it off as them being overly generous for having the privilege of being the first reviewer. Sadly though,with the amount of money involved in the games industry and it's not hard to see why publishers would want to stoop this low. I've seen it in the consultancy industry, where people who are looking for exposure offer free services and expect their clients to post reviews and they'll demand the clients email them the reviews before posting them.

Sadly it probably is best to take first reviews with a grain of salt and wait until more come in for a more accurate general opinion on the game.

Temporary4136d ago

FFvs13 will never come out. Just pretend it doesnt exist, I find it helps.

ajax174136d ago

Aren't the first reviews of any game always generally really high? I can't remember a game getting a terrible first review. If someone can cite an example, please do. Excluding Duke Nukem Forever lol.

Hazadess14136d ago


There was nothing wrong with RE6. Best laugh ive had playing a game in ages. Yeah it has probs (mostly fixed in patches) but so does new Dead Space and I'm loving it.

DMC is a reboot and while not my thing I still found it fun.

Eyeco4135d ago (Edited 4135d ago )

I agree with you, Now while I do enjoy the reviews from Gamespot, pre 2006 IGN, 1up etc the problem I have with them is their use of numerical scores the problem is it crestes a system of what should defines a 10/9/8/7 game, the problem is how should you define a 10, or a 9 ?

I remember a game came out on the Wii years ago called The Conduit, Jeff Gerstman from Giant Bomb reviewed it he brought up the saying "pretty good for a wii game" The Conduit was an FPS on a console that had hardly any, or any worth mentioning to say the least. In the case of that game considering the platform it's on it's a pretty good game but compared to the shooters on the ps3/360/PC it was pretty mediocre.

The problem was do you judge it for a Wii game in that case it would be great (9-8), or for an overall game in that case it would be mediocre (5-7), this also goes back to how do you define a quality game ? do you have to factor in the console platform, as well ? that's nonsensical because Super Mario Galaxy would be a 10 if it was on the 360/PS3/PC as well as the Wii, to call that game pretty good for a Wii game is just unfair, and it undermines the qualaties of that game that would be outstanding on any platform.

This is why i love Classic Game Room like JP1369 said "I also like reviews that don't give scores, instead relying on letting the reader or viewer make up their own mind " look at their review of Timesplitters 2 what kind of game does that look like to you ?

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Old McGroin4136d ago

"1st review... high praise.

Nothing to see here."

What a lovely tinfoil hat you're wearing!

CryofSilence4136d ago

I think he's commenting on possibly ulterior motives or possible fraud of the review.

I really hope the game turns out well. Then they can make another Legacy of Kain. ^^

NonApplicable4136d ago

First reviews are to be taken with a grain of salt. It has become common knowledge that early ratings are commonly inaccurate.

Dead Space 3 is a recent example. The first review(game informer) it received was 10/10. On Metacritic today, the game has a 76 average without any other perfect scores.

haymoza4136d ago

tinfoil hat? I'm sorry, Squeenix has a history of crooked behavior with early reviews. Remember Dues Ex? Squeenix basically said the following, "If you want early access to our game for reviewing them, you have to give us a 90% or higher." I kid you not. Go read up on it.

Old McGroin4136d ago (Edited 4136d ago )

"First reviews are to be taken with a grain of salt. It has become common knowledge that early ratings are commonly inaccurate."

Commonly inaccurate? According to who? How can someone's opinion be inaccurate?

Who's to say that the person who reviewed Dead Space 3 and gave it 10/10 actually thought it was good enough to warrant a 10/10 score? Is that so hard to believe? Not every game gets perfect scores, in order to back up the conspiracy theories EVERY first review for EVERY game would need to receive a 9 or a 10.

No, I think the commonly known thing is that tinfoil hat wearing folk believe that everything positive is the result of a large bag of cash and that everything negative is someone just being honest. Please.

NonApplicable4136d ago

@Old McGroin

Yes maybe Game Informer thought it was a perfect game. The point was, to take early reviews with a grain of salt because of how often games are originally overrated. There are countless occurrences where the first scores on games are substantially higher than what their averages become. The Dead space example was to show how often it happens, because that game was JUST RELEASED. WE KNOW that some publishers will green light early reviews only if the content is overwhelmingly positive.

I never suggested "everything positive is the result of a large bag of cash". You put words in my mouth. Your Pie in the Sky ideals sound good, but their formed around Naivety.

DragonKnight4136d ago

It's been shown that early reviews can be "bought." Eidos did when they told reviewers that the only way they could get their review (I believe it was for Deus Ex: HR) on the box cover was if they scored the game high. It was also said that Tameem Antoniades thanked a site for giving DmC a 9 on twitter even before the review went out.

There is justification for suspicion as publishers have tried many methods to buy favourable scores.

admiralvic4136d ago

@ Old McGroin

Believe it or not, an opinion can in fact be inaccurate. It's just a matter of how the opinion is formed and more importantly how is it backed up.

There are countless examples, but it all comes down to whither or not your fact is actually factual. Like Metal Gear Rising has Wigs, but you're not made aware of their existence till you collect 10 officer hands. If someone was to look at Rising and not work at this collectible, then they would probably think there aren't any wigs.

Another example would be the hidden raid boss in Borderlands 2. A lot of people didn't know Verm existed till a week after release, so if someone complained that there was only 1 raid boss was lame, then they would be incorrect. On the other hand, sometimes people make a gross assumption that leads to an incorrect perception. Like Shin Hokuto Musou (Ken's Rage 2) has roughly 5 unlockable costumes, so if you played 2 characters and unlocked 2 costumes, then you might view costumes as favorable without knowing they're actually limited.

Ultimately any event that can lead to a misconception could lead to an inaccurate opinion. Not every reviewer is going to have time / desire to do every aspect in the game and sometimes people aren't going to bother with something they think is pointless. While I don't hold anything against these people (or reviewers as long as they have a respectable time in / completed the title in question), any opinion based off an incorrect assumption can be deemed as inaccurate. So long story short, yes an opinion can be inaccurate / wrong if it's based off something that is inaccurate or wrong.

DigitalSmoke4135d ago

No he's right, and it clearly happens more then you're aware of, tin foil my ass.

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-Superman-4136d ago

Because first reviews always gives high score to games. Same thing with movies.

Those magazines gives 9/10 last 2 years almost for every populary game.

WarThunder4136d ago

Don't believe reviews these days. There are so many ways to test a game before buying it...

Btw i never liked TR games...

WitWolfy4134d ago

Trust me dude this game is like Uncharted, very story driven and well worth the price of admission!