Live 360 Reviews Frontlines: Fuel Of War

Still on the fence about whether to buy Frontlines Fuel Of War? Check out this review

"Frontlines: Fuel Of War is a tactical first person shooter developed by Kaos Studios, a division of THQ"

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THWIP4187d ago

Took me about 8 hours, non-stop, on Normal. Very fun, but short. I really enjoyed the MP demo, so I will probably still buy it; besides, you only get 105 achievement pts for the first play through. :o

4187d ago
HungPHAT4187d ago

I got it ! It's really good like Battle feild MC with better gameplay worth picking up

boodybandit4187d ago (Edited 4187d ago )

You are kidding right? I mean Frontlines is an ok shooter to kick around with a bit but Battlefield it's not.

ASSASSYN 36o4187d ago

Ah boodybandit this is where reading is essential. Hungphat typed Battlefield Modern Combat Not Battlefield which are to completely different games. Battlefield was pc specific. Modern combat was xbox 360 specific and built entirely for xbox control scheme. So comparing frontlines to battlefield MC (note the MC) is spot on for hungphat. And I agree Frontlines IS better than battlefield MC.

boodybandit4187d ago (Edited 4187d ago )

Ah Assassyn 36o sorry I wasn't Greg Brady enough for you using "exact words" but my comprehension isn't a problem and I will give you 2 reasons why.

1st we are talking about 360 specific games under a 360 title.

2nd since Hungphat is a friend of mine I am pretty sure I knew what title he was referring to when he said BF:MC considering both me and him logged a ton of time on it on the "360".

Why would I think he was referring to a PC game when we are talking about 360 titles? Your assumption is the only thing that was incorrect here and not mine comprehension. Either way there was no reason for you to be rude. Can you not make a point without doing so?

ASSASSYN 36o4187d ago (Edited 4187d ago )

My point apparently didn't come loud and clear. You never typed Battlefield Modern Combat. And since when has xbox articles been deprived of PC discussion? and since when does anyone here adhere to the rules? Answer: Never. And as far as being rude you must be very sensitive. I CAN be quite rude! My statements didn't even exist in the realm of rude so hold back the tears of sensitivity. And it is funny you are the one that stated an assumption I made a simple observation of the FACT YOU mentioned a different game.

4187d ago
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FCOLitsjustagame4187d ago

I must be affected by some of these crpy games that have recently come out. I first thought this review was 3.5 out of 10.... then I read you guys saying you liked it I was expecting some big "its crp" fight to break out. But now I see 3.5 out of 5 is a respectable enough score.

Would both of you recommend this from just a single player prepective, or would you hold off until it got cheap and just pick up Condemned and Rainbow six this month?

heyheyhey4187d ago

yeah at first i was like "woah that's pretty harsh"

but anyway, if your not a MP kind of guy then you definitely should not pick this up, but the multi-player is excellent on PC (don't know about the 360- i haven't got one)

Merritt4187d ago (Edited 4187d ago )

The game is fun, I've had a good time with it. It's lacking in the multiplayer due to only one objective but more are on the way. KAOS has a pretty good repoire with the Xbox community on the forums. I haven't tried the single player, I know it won't be better than COD4 or Halo 3, so I probably won't get to that anytime soon.

If you're into multiplayer games then yes, this is fun. Is it better than Battlefield? It depends.

Pick up Condemened. Get this for mulitplayer, Rainbow 6 has gotten very stale and homogonized. Kind of like how they ruined Splinter Cell, (by making it more accessable)

LFC1EE4187d ago

I'm so glad i sold my xbox 360 with crap like this, and the freezing and the RROD, i used to be a hardcore xb360 fan until i found ms out, they don't care about gamers, charging for every little thing what a rip off even charging for small pictures and live is nothing special i was losing connection all the time but i have not lost connection once with the PS3, i have had three xbox 360's breakdown on me, i'm so glad i discovered the PS3.

heyheyhey4187d ago

shame everyone doesn't see M$ for what they really are

i know Sony isn't perfect- but i would take them over M$ any day of the week

some really innovative, creative and ingenious people work for Sony, whilst everyone who works for M$ is a greedy asshole

glad you discovered the future buddy, enjoy your PS3

darx4187d ago

but you never owned a Xbox 360.

phonyforceslayer4187d ago

so i didnt end up like u girls. dirty trolls of queen kaz

iLemon4187d ago

The PC version needs to be a 3.5/10. I can not remember buying a game with this many bugs. Autorun.exe and setup.exe failed to launch. I had to google the error codes, to find out I need to update my .net framework. The first time I crashed a attack chopper, the game froze. The launch into a multilayer server button does not always work. Other players teleport around, like I'm dropping alot of packets. And this on the 50ping Kaos hosted servers. Invert mouse does not work on the stationary defense guns. I can not exit any vehicle, or gun, unless I keep the default key binding. The rifles feel under powered. Alot of players result to grenade launchers or remote control jihad.

The game looks like it could be an 8.5. After the first big patch.

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