GamingShogun: The Experiment Review

From the review: "The Adventure Company's, The Experiment, places the gamer in the role of an amnesiac in an abandoned research vessel's security control room. On the monitors in front of you, there is a woman lying in a cot hooked up to an iv. Suddenly, she wakes up and starts exploring her small room. After noticing the security camera (through which you are looking) as being active, a symbiotic relationship is borne as she enlists your help in escaping the research vessel."

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KidMakeshift4004d ago

I'm guessing this isn't coming to mac :( (yeah, I know)

JelalTrueshot4002d ago

Not yet but I would never say never. If the demand is great enough, who knows. You could try running it on a pc emulator too depending on your setup and, of course, compatibility issues.