OnLive features Sony has adopted for PS4

Tech-Culture writes: Some of the features which Sony unveiled earlier this week were nothing short of astonishing, but we can't help but think some of these have been borrowed from OnLive - find out which ones by checking out the link.

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Galacticos2159d ago (Edited 2159d ago )

The Gaikai features were amazing, i hopw we'll get most of them day 1.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2159d ago (Edited 2159d ago )

I am glad they grab footage from your awsome moments & let you watch people play! That is one of the things onlive did right.

Chinese food and a good ps4 movie is all I need.

Also in case people are wondering yes onlive is still in business.

Gimmemorebubblez2159d ago

Onlive went broke and was bought for 4.8 million USD.

GribbleGrunger2159d ago

And MS hired all their staff.

Mounce2158d ago


It's almost like.... and not to sound like some kind of PS Fanboy....but Microsoft always seems to be grasping desperately at the table scraps that Sony leaves behind, hear me out.

The people who made Kinect first went to Sony, Sony denied them and said they didn't need Kinects' concept since they had Move in mind with PS3's 'Eye'. So? They go to Microsoft and THEY take it in order to compete with Nintendo and Sony already having plans.

Sony chooses Gaikai over Onlive, Onlive was waiting for a chance and hoping to be selected instead, Sony gets Gaikai to future-proof Cloud gaming and add better features with such concepts to the PS Brand - Onlive left behind. . . Microsoft has nothing on their own...gets Onlive to also go against Sony with their ideas of Cloud-gaming.

I mean....not to insult Kinect devs and Onlive devs...but they were Tablescraps that Sony basically left behind and Microsoft grabbed up. It sorta is funny....Why Microsoft doesn't have anything in mind on their own and they constantly are always just buying everything up and using already-existing concepts and ideas that THEY didn't create, but will try to push for their own goals.

Thatguy-3102159d ago

Onlive had good features but what didn't help it out was the brand recognition that Sony has with Gaikai. Since they are a mainstream company those features will be known to a broader audience. I'm excited for how the ps4 will work. Can't wait to pre order that baby ;-)

strigoi8142159d ago

hmm does onlive still exists?

BrianC62342159d ago

Your question offended someone. Oh no, a dislike.

Reverent2159d ago

I believe the service exists in some manner, but from what I've heard, OnLive went bankrupt.

SilentNegotiator2159d ago (Edited 2159d ago )

ALMOST went bankrupt. But then some old investors returned on a quest to throw money down a hole.

My understanding is that it was some complicated mess where they filed for some form of government protection, fired a bunch of people, started another company also called "onlive", were bought....

IDK, it's messed up and just delaying the inevitable. A company with expensive servers that demand similar prices for titles (which largely account for what PUBLISHERS make) and has clients that refused the early idea of having a subscription fee will make for a quick deficit. $ - $$ = -$

TooTall192159d ago

Yes you can still use onlive. The few good games that it did get were really fun to play on the service. The share features that the PS4 are very similar to what onlive has been doing. I'm excited to see how well they can do it.

Soldierone2159d ago

I think Sony is awesome for what they did. They buy Gaikai and everyone thinks Sony is going digital. Instead they use it in the system itself and improve the hardware aspects between PS4 and Vita. That is just brilliant.

SOULJER2159d ago

Hey this kid is right some of those feature's were Onlive. Don't let the good go to waste. Carry on.

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