New Details on Wii Freeloader and how it works

With the announcement of the Freeloader for Wii, more questions have been raised about how exactly the disc will run, how firmware updates will be handled and more. Thanks to an email sent to Datel, more information has surfaced. According to the developers, when a foreign disc is inserted it disables the console from being able to update its firmware. What about future firmware updates? Datel believe that it won't have any effect, but we've emailed Datel ourselves to confirm.

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Eamon4191d ago

Hopefully, it will still work with future updates.

I don't understand why Nintendo will want to block the Freeloader if it isn't illegal to use!

KidMakeshift4191d ago

Does the 360 have anything like this?

There's nothing really (import wise) on the Wii. Everything eventually comes over here, and with blood (No More Heroes)

ThatArtGuy4191d ago

If you want to wait MONTHS for Smash Bros. I can see why European Wii owners wouldn't want one.

Kakkoii4190d ago

It's total bull about it not being able to be patched.

It's a freaking disc for #@$%'s sake. Which means all Nintendo has to do, is release a update that patches the vulnerability that this disc exploits on the Wii.

so I guess as long as you don't update you'll be fine... lol