Surfer Girl: There is a Pikmin Wii

From Wii Live...

"I've haven't been this happy since the announcement of Brawl. I commented a few questions on the internet famous Surfer Girl's blog, most of the other questions were a little too in detailed, so I didn't get very good answers. One of the questions I asked was, "Is there a Pikmin Wii in development, and when will we hear news about it?" Her reply was "Yes, probably this year."

Although most will likely say "This is obvious, and we knew it was coming" I just want to say yes, it was a little obvious, especially with Captain Olimar in Brawl, but, at the moment, this is the closest thing to an official conformation, seeing how many times Surfer Girl has started rumors that have become true. My prediction is that we will get an official announcement at E3, and that it will release this year.

I know there are alot of people who don't believe Surfer Girl is right at all, so for those who don't believe this is true, you can leave this as a rumor, but my prediction stands where it is."

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xplosneer4008d ago


Pikmin was awesome! Cant wait.

RecSpec4008d ago

Funny, I'm irritated by a Pikmin "confirmation" story. How sad, maybe it's because the whole thing is a Surfer Girl defense piece.

Durffen4008d ago

Yeah, Surfer Girl news is often posted everywhere, but in my opinion, I think she is right about alot of things. Plus, other reasons why this was posted, any news about Pikmin Wii is good. I mean, the game isn't like Zelda and Mario, it's not a franchise that dishes out games every year, maybe not Zelda, but you know what I Mean. This article also has my predictions in it, so go ahead and call it a prediction article as well if you want.

RecSpec4008d ago

The thing was, I was hoping for ANYTHING regarding the game, besides it's existence that is. That's why I was disappointed.

Durffen4008d ago

After I saw that Olimar was in Brawl, I went back, beat both the Pikmin games on the cube, and got completely hyped up for Pikmin Wii. But, just getting something close to an official confirmation is just awesome, to know where gonna get news on it this year, hopefully if my prediction is right, at E3, and it will release this year.

If my predictions happen, remember who said it. Even though there not big predictions, remember who predicted them! Wii Live! Also, the game will support Co-op play.

colonel1794008d ago


I haven't played any pikmin, but since I haven't touched the wii in months i can try it out. (hopefully it still works, there's too much dust on it)

RecSpec4008d ago

Little game coming out soon that should make you dust it off, has Mario AND Link AND Samus in it. I think it's some sort of minigame collection or something.

colonel1794008d ago

how did i ever forget about that game.. shame on me..

gamesblow4008d ago

IT continues to baffle me as to how her stuff gets posted... More so I can't post news here and or be taken serious and I've been dead on time and time again. I give detailed information that can come back to haunt me if I'm wrong and no one can refute it. I've been consistently right and yet...

"Yes, probably this year"

Is more news worthy than me and my legit news. "ha" I was at GDc for **** sucks, where was she at?

absurdity at best.

ry-guy4007d ago

Where is our new Xbox announcement?

How about Ghostbusters being a PS3 exclusive?

Come on man. Everyone knows you are NOT an industry insider, hence the reason you get rejected.

gamesblow4007d ago (Edited 4007d ago )

Never said Ghostbusters was exclusive, Timmy... Check my blogsite. I simply broke the news that a Ghostbusters game was coming and it was only listed for Ps3 at the time. Huge difference, Allen. As for the xbox 360's big announcement... you obviously don't go to my blogsite much. It's alright... after awhile it'll consume everyone. Gamesblow is legit... I'm proven and have been proven. Like me, love me or hate me, you still can't dispute me.

I am the 1, the only super successful smash hit blog burning, truth pill dealing, 98% approved videogame reporting icon the interweb over... I kick pixie sticks down nobodies throat and I sell my soap without the rope. I'm Gamesblow.

Durffen4007d ago

You may be an industry insider, and post very good news, but it doesn't help that you go around every other news post that contains a rumor, complaining that you can't post news. It just makes everyone hate you more and more. If you would respect other "insiders" or just flat out rumors or prediction, people would respect you're "insider news." But instead, you complain about every single rumor or post by any other supposable insider.

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