Full Xbox Live Marketplace Update - 3/1/2008

More Halo 3 stuff… yay. In addition to the new gamer pics and theme, check out what else is new on the Xbox Live Marketplace. Full details after these commercial messages.

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Nostradavis4507d ago

Halo is something I just have never been able to get into but thats not to say that I don't understand the massive interest in the game.

xplosneer4507d ago

I play it at friends, and it's not bad persay, but not nearly as good as some portray it to be.

Twizlex4507d ago

So... what's the point of more gamerpics and themes for Halo 3? At least they're free.

gambare4507d ago

PSN users can custom their themes D:

tgh machines4506d ago

So can live users... and their gamer pic

Alcaponeyou4507d ago

all the xbots have is gheylo

BlaST_ProCesSiNG-4507d ago (Edited 4507d ago )

I wonder how much do those themes cost (in dollars). It's a shame they have to pay for themes. oh well...

Haha, I can go and make a Halo theme 4 free and put it on my Ps3.

Not that I would actually be interested in doing something that ghey

Twizlex4507d ago

Uh, they're free. Learn to read, idiot.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4507d ago

Which third account are you?

BlaST_ProCesSiNG-4507d ago

Get off my d**k u gheylo lover

Ok I'll be more specific 4 U , Not all 360 themes are free

Learn 2 think, b****h

Bleucrunch4507d ago

why the heck do ya pay for themes.....makes aboslutely no sense to me.

BLUR1114506d ago

streeks1984 do like waiting for games to play while watching blu ray on ps3 , lol i have a real blu ray player its ten times better than the ps3's player you suck like all the other gay little sony fanboy kids.

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tatotiburon4507d ago

hahahaha sonyretards keep crying around they really need a big selling game like halo 3

The Closing4507d ago (Edited 4507d ago )

Availability: Not available in Canada, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Taiwan, United States

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The story is too old to be commented.