InFamous: Second Son High Resolution Screenshots

SonyRumors has gotten their hands on official high resolution screenshots from InFamous: Second Son for the PlayStation 4. The 1080p screen shots help depict details not previously seen in the game's announcement trailer.

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NewMonday2160d ago

the screenshot on the bottom left looks like in-game, those who played inFamous will recognize the SP engine style.

WarThunder2160d ago

I think the trailer was in-game, U can see some lowpoly mesh on his arm

shivvy242160d ago

yea its definately ingame ! people that have played infamous should notice it

Amiroo2160d ago

no it's not in-game. non of it
this is their official web site:

and they said:
In fact, this trailer was produced in-house using our game engine – can you tell we’re having fun with the new GPU, tools, and our new VFX system?

Conzul2160d ago

Um....what do you think "in-house using our game engine..." means?

redDevil872160d ago

Are you dumb or trolling?

SP have tweeted thats most of it is in-game engine.

Google it.

allegrissima2160d ago

Those screenshots look AMAZING! Can't wait for InFamous 3!

Bounkass2160d ago

It's not 3, lol. It's Second Son.

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akaakaaka2160d ago

The gameplay on inFss seem truly next gen! non possible on PS3..
I'm very exited for it! I hope it launch this year or by Feb 2014..

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The story is too old to be commented.