New Hero Released in Marvel: Avengers Alliance: Captain Britain

Captain Britain is now available in Marvel: Avengers Alliance and he is available for purchase for 90 CP! This comes just a week after the release of Wasp.

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JoySticksFTW4158d ago

Used to read his adventures when he was teamed up with Nightcrawler and Kitty Pride in Excalibur.

Funny stuff but did get too zany at times.

And I have an old Marvel Team Up issue with him and Spiderman when he wore all red, a lion logo, and wielded a scepter.

Comic books, 80's cartoons, wrestling, Ninja / Martial Arts flicks, trying to watch certain scrambled cable channels at night, and video games...

Man, those were the days :)

AceofStaves4158d ago

There should be some kind of combined buff status if players have him and Captain America in their active squads, lol.

Th3 Chr0nic4158d ago

butter teeth of the ancients!!!!!!!!!!!

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Marvel is quietly building a shared game universe

GamesBeat: Isotope-8 is more than just an in-game currency.

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Marvel Avengers Alliance Angers Players Yet Again

Playdom, a company known for their casual games including Gardens of Time and the very popular Marvel Avengers Alliance are once again being talked about all over Facebook.

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Marvel’s Avengers Alliance PVP desperation

Product-Reviews writes: We’ve seen evidence of the desperation and gambling addiction tactics that some players use, often spending over $1000 USD (every month!) to ensure their place in Adamantium league at the end of the season. Developers Playdom effectively encourage this as well, even deploying a roulette respin system giving players the temptation to spend even more money on the game.

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tr00p3r3839d ago

The PVP system is a complete mess at the moment.. I'd like to see a different developer in charge.

Or better yet, just give me Ultimate Alliance 3 on PS4!

Christopher3839d ago

They will keep it up as long as people keep putting money into the game.