PSP Emulator Proof of Concept Released for PC

Those keen on collecting handheld emulators for the PC (including this nifty Nintendo DS emulator) may be glad to know that homebrew developer Soywiz is working on a PSP emulator, and has in fact released a Proof of Concept for the emulator. Soywiz built the PSP emulator for the PC using a debugger, with D programming language and DFL library.

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iamtehpwn4188d ago

Crisis core, here I come....

decapitator4188d ago

Buy the game son. Emulation is good only if you will end up buying the actual game.

iamtehpwn4188d ago

well, I don't own a PSP, so Buying the game is a little difficult.
I would've imported it a LONG time ago, had I owned a PSP.

But, I'll try cough up the Cash. It'll be worth it because I still want to play God of War: Chains of Olympus and Metal Gear solid: Portable Ops.

decapitator4188d ago

Is $199 now for the lite and slim editions or you could pick up a phat PSP for 150 or less at EB games.

Lotto4188d ago

Yay been waiting for a psp emu so I can play crisis core

Charmers4188d ago

well at least PC owners may finally get to see what the GTA stories were all about. Will be nice to play them on a big screen, might enjoy them more.

gambare4188d ago

But I can't bring my pc or my lap in my pocket

heyheyhey4188d ago

will it work with YDL on PS3?

if yes then wOOt

i own a PSP, but playing chains of olympus on my 42" would be pretty cool

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