The PC Gaming Industry is NOT Dying

Recently, gamers, game developers and hardware manufacturers alike seem to be slowly coming to the conclusion that, sadly, the PC gaming industry is dying a slow and painful death. The fact that some of the people running the gaming industry have faith in these baseless conjectures and refuse to actually look at the facts can really make one marvel. The breakthroughs in PC gaming were wonderful last year, and if you actually take the time to see what's really going on, you'll soon realize that the industry will continue to improve in the years ahead.

Most of these rumors seem to have been started by people who compared (or attempted to compare) recent PC gaming revenue with the revenue from the Xbox 360, the Wii, and the PS3. These people, for some reason, simply looked at the retail sales for each, and thought that they proportionately represented the total sales. You would think that professional analysts would be smarter than that, but apparently not.

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decapitator4185d ago

Is not dying...but it is struggling. I completely agree with the author though. People should not compare consoles to PC and vice versa.

ruibing4185d ago

It's two biggest issues are compatibility and piracy. Most of my friends, me included, don't even consider purchasing games on PC if it is easy to download it as a torrent and bypass its protections. It's second issue is compatibility. Most PC games only works on WinXP, they tend to run slower on Vista and not at all on a lot of other OS. I tried to install Fall Out Tactics the other day on my Vista laptop, but now I can't even uninstall it.

Slayer OP4185d ago


A high quality PC will cost about 700-1000 dollars while a high end console will cost 400-500 dollars.

PC's require new hardware to be bought every 6 months (ie graphics cards, RAM expansion etc) while consoles do not. So that burns at least another 200-300 dollars right there.

The graphics between pc and high end consoles is not at a big enough gap to convince me to spend an extra 500-700 dollars for a high end gaming PC that will just need new hardware in about 6 months thus costing me more.

Noodlecup4185d ago (Edited 4185d ago )

This is totally false, people like you are one of the reasons why gamers refrain from buying PCs because of the myth that it needs upgrading every 6 months or less.

perseus4185d ago (Edited 4185d ago )

Gamers don't buy PCs because consoles are not just cheaper, they are more user friendly.

I'm an ex-PC gamer who now plays a console, so I can understand both sides. The outspoken is completely wrong about the 6 month thing; it doesn't cost $1200 a year to have a good gaming rig. However, it does cost $100-$200/year for extras over the PC's life, and that's after you pay for the original box. You can easily spend $2000-3000 on a PC after you include peripherals you need over 4 or 5 years.

That's not why I went to the console dark side - I had a kid and don't have much gaming time - but I can understand why people don't buy PCs. Consoles are just less hassle.

Most people don't want to open up their electronics because they're afraid of breaking them. Not everyone's a geek. I'm a geek, but most people aren't.

JsonHenry4185d ago

Well, the only game I bought for a console last year was CoD4 and Halo3 (wish I never bought Halo3). But I own CoD4 for the PC as well as a direct download from STEAM. I also bought CnC3, the Orange Box, Dreamfall the Longest Journey, and Stalker from STEAM and EA direct2drive straight to my hard-drive.

None of those purchases for my PC would have counted. And the fact I bought new hardware for my PC- extra RAM, a new gaming mouse, and Vista Home Premium 64 bit as well. None of that counted.

All in all I spent a about 6-7 times more money on PC gaming than on console gaming. Hell, I am even skipping over playing Mass Effect because I want to play it on the PC.

PC gaming is NOT dead. It is NOT dying. The thing people forget here is this - Console gaming is trying mimic PC gaming, not the other way around. Why? Because the PC gaming experience is better than traditional console gaming!!

iamtehpwn4185d ago

Why not compare them? They're both gaming platforms. Hell, PC gamers are always the first ones to say they're "superior platforms" are years ahead of us

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perseus4185d ago

"If you calculate the cost of building your own computer with system specs comparable to the PS3, and then subtract the cost of a normal non-gaming PC (because remember, you're getting a gaming machine and a personal computer in one), the price is about the same as the PS3."

This is called creative accounting. The PS3 is a gaming machine and regular PC in one as well, and that's without even installing Linux on it. Anything you can do on a regular non-gaming PC can be done on the internet now. and other sites like that make any two-bit console into a PC.

Many of his points about the PC industry's strength were good, and I agreed with his general conclusion. However, consoles are cheaper per gaming minute than PCs.

JsonHenry4185d ago


I built my own gaming PC for $800 last year. Using my old speakers and computer monitor (you have to own an HDTV to play your console the it was meant to be played, right?)

I put 2gigs of DDR2 800mhz RAM, a dual core CPU, a 160gig HDD, and an 8800GTS video card with 640megs of RAM, and a new Case+power supply in my PC.

If you subtract the cost of a a normal run of the mill personal PC around $400-$500 then I only spent $300-$400 on a gaming PC that blows the consoles out of the water in terms of graphics. THE SAME PRICE (or less in the case of the PS3 at the time) AS WHAT YOU SPENT ON YOUR CONSOLE!!

PC gaming is only more expensive IF you do your console gaming without the use of an HDTV. The cost alone of an HDTV+ the price of of a console is more than even a gaming PC from Alienware. And more than double the price if you build your own PC like myself.

perseus4185d ago (Edited 4185d ago )

"If you subtract the cost of a a normal run of the mill personal PC around $400-$500"

You can't subtract the cost of a run of the mill PC unless you do the same with the PS3 (and the 360 with homebrew). When you do that, consoles become free and they still win. Regardless, it's not just cost, it's also usability. Most people can't build their own PCs.

"I put 2gigs of DDR2 800mhz RAM, a dual core CPU, a 160gig HDD, and an 8800GTS video card with 640megs of RAM, and a new Case+power supply in my PC."

You got some good prices and have a pretty good rig, but at double the price I paid for my PS3 (less than double if you include my new HDD.)

Anyway, I already said that I agreed with the author in general. PC gaming is far from dying. It's just that the console is undoubtedly cheaper than a PC, when calculating honestly, and becomes cheaper over time. And you don't have to fiddle with electricky bits. No matter how fun you and I think it is, most people disagree.

"PC gaming is only more expensive IF you do your console gaming without the use of an HDTV. The cost alone of an HDTV+ the price of of a console is more than even a gaming PC from Alienware."

Not in my country. A really good gaming PC will run you $2500 pre-built, and a 360 or PS3/TV combo will run you $1500. And you can use the TV as the family appliance, which you can't do with a PC.

Statix4185d ago (Edited 4185d ago )

I love how there's always going to be the few dissenting fanboys in ANY group claiming unequivocally that the "future is bright" or "our format/platform is THRIVING" or "we're doing great right now, but it will be even better THIS year." Denial much? No matter how many industry professionals and journalists speak to the contrary, you get these fervent, outspoken few who stamp their feet every once in a while.

If you believe this, then you should also follow the advice of an HD-DVD supporter I met last week and go buy yourself an HD-DVD player, pronto.

theox2g74185d ago

u sir are an idiot, excuse me to say for making that dumb analogy, hd dvd was being outsold like b1tch to bluray and one needed to emerge as victor, the gaming industry is running on completely different mechanics, I don't get why fanboys always have think that one console must die so the other can run supreme, the ps2 was dominating last gen but the xbox was still alive and doing quite well, the co-existence of gaming platforms is normal thing, pc is doing quite well actually better than it has ever done over the years. The pc market is growing larger and larger. The only thing that is happening here is that consoles are growing at a much larger rate so it makes it look like pc is shrinking. If u want proof look at pc gaming in the past, the number of titles released per year and number of console exclusives that have moved over to pc, digital distribution and the mmo age, steam's evolution and d2drive and other digital distributers, all remaining stingy about releasing sales figures, even when they release a little info like orange box on pc outselling ps3 and 360 versions combined, u know that the pc industry is growing.

SaiyanFury4185d ago

Bah I'm primarily a console gamer, but when I have a few bucks to spare I invest in upgrading my PC. I now have an SLI system with 2 nVIDIA 7950GT KO video cards and 4GB of RAM and it plays most games very well. And that's upgraded over time from a simple Dell Desktop PC. The myth that you need upgrades is unsubstantiated and as long as you maintain your PC's basic hardware, you're fine for longer than that.

Seafort4185d ago (Edited 4185d ago )

If PC gaming does die out then console gaming will die too. They are explicitly linked to the hardware they use.
PC gamers buy the top end hardware and over a few months the price decreases so console manufacturers can make the cheaper consoles.

If pc gaming does die then i wouldnt need a high end graphics card, not as much RAM, no multi core CPU or anything hi tech coming from nvidia, AMD, Intel etc.
Microsoft would suffer too as ppl wouldnt buy a new OS to surf the net or receive emails. I'd use linux.

So anyone who says pc gaming is dead/dying lets hope they arent right cos it would end cheap console gaming.

Imagine paying $1000+ for your next console... if they can actually create the hardware to make one.

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