'Hell Yeah!' Creators Arkedo Studio Will No Longer Produce Games

Hardcore Gamer: Financial reasons were cited for the cessation in production, with a lack in capital due to no secured project to support their growing team. The company did develop two unreleased and unannounced smaller titles and hopes to release them in the near future.

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maniacmayhem3636d ago

Damn shame, these guys made some good games that were found on the Xbox indie channel and a few went over to PSN which I mentioned everyone should get.

Reibooi3636d ago

you can also get Hell Yeah! on steam. I got it while it was on sale awhile back and it's pretty fun. Love the graphics. It's got so much color and it just pops and looks great.

Shame they won't be making anything else.

maniacmayhem3636d ago

That's one of the things I liked about their games. They were all so colorful with huge sprites and awesome effects. Most of their games was a throwback to the old NES days.

They will be missed